Problem with old TX history export from QT wallet (


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Jul 26, 2014
Hi guys,

for tax purposes i am trying to collect get all my transactions from all my wallets and so on.
(wish i had been tracking everything properly from the beginning but that's another story..)

I was using an old QT wallet which i have always updated and from which i am now trying to get the the TX history.
I was using the CSV-Export and was expecting a clean history but when i was checking everything i got stuck.

1.) This is an example from june 18th, 2017:
I was sending 2x 3,6 DASH to Kraken from my QT, but now only 1 TX is visible. Is this even possible?
Kraken won't show me the TX ID so i can not check the transaction.

Incoming TX to Kraken:

TX History from my QT wallet.
Sorted with with 'all' visible and from newest to oldest:

As you can see only 1 TX is visible and i am missing the one for 3,60326 DASH.
There is another TX marked as "sent" with 0,00345160 DASH but this seems to be more like a TX fee.
Why would that even show up in the history? This is very confusing!

2.) I was running a MN at that time and now the history shows me this.
Why would there be so many TX for the same date and time? When i cross check the TX ID i get the actual time for that TX but why is it wrong in the QT history? I don't get it.

3.) Is there a way the get the xpub key from my QT wallet so i can get a nice view of my history for this wallet? Because the QT wallet history for at least that time looks really messed up (for whatever reason).

Maybe i am missing something here?

Thanks for reading!



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May 28, 2014
Maybe delete everything except for your wallet file maybe dash.conf let it all rebuild again 1 block at a time it sounds / looks like some events were dated all same time maybe a reindex happened? What have you tried so far anything?


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Jul 26, 2014
Hi Miner237, thanks for you reply!

I have deleted everything except the wallet.dat from appdata folder (AppData\Roaming\DashCore on windows10).
Did not touch the folder where my dash-qt.exe is located because that shouldn't be the issue here.

Just finished resyncing everything from scratch but i still have the problem mentioned above.

Any other steps i could take? This is driving me nuts! °_°

Edit: I am now doing a -rescan. Might also use the "Recover transactions" option if that does not help:

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