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Sep 19, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
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This is simply a test of concept for my pre-proposal for funding consideration from DASH.

Proposal: Informative and educational website focused on decentralization - DAO's in particular and Privacy issues as they pertain to social equality and democracy.

I am proposing funding to create, maintain and promote a website(s) which will provide current news, trends, social interaction, education and policy information as it relates to privacy and decentralization with a focus on DASH's decentralized governance model. With that in mind Dash is at the forefront in my mind while designing and collaborating site development. I am not usually one to jump on bandwagons however Dash has not failed to impress me! To be fair my philosophies run virtually parallel to DASH's and I am humbled by the future implications of DAO's and the socioeconomic change it could spark.

To be financially viable for the future the site will also sell products in the security privacy and technology sectors however the main focus of the site. Any editorial material will not be linked to Dash without pre-approval from the voters. The majority of the homepage and much of the available resources will be non-commercial and free. A part of the budget I am planning includes sourcing professionals and experts to provide pertinent and unique educational content.

I have been VERY impressed with how in-line the DASH model is with my core philosophies and strive to show the world that good honest people like you and me are entitled to and will stand up for our right to privacy. I believe with DAO's such as DASH leading the way we will see an unprecedented change in how the global economy is run and a significant change in "trickle down - greed based" economics."

A little back story about myself my children and some very hard times I am coming out of will be included in my "official" pre-proposal as well as specifics as to budget, design, scope, etc. For now I am asking for your opinion as to whether my en-devour sounds worthy of consideration in the first place.

I have reserved a few domain names as feelers so please let me know if you like them as well:
**The following would be the product arm of site(s):

I truly humbled by the potential that exists in DAO's and Dash's bold approach to challenge the status quo. Regardless of whether I am able to get funding on this project I plan on advocating for and investing in DASH.

Please support my proposal by giving me advice and tips on improvement, suggestions regarding successful submission and most importantly whether you guys think my idea has merit enough to submit for voting.

P.S. The actual Proposals will be submitted in proper form, I wanted an informal review of my idea and constructive criticism on the concept for now. - Thank you

Peter Fillmore
"Love is the absence of judgement" - HHDL