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How to run the giveaway?

  • Give .05 Dash

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  • Give paper wallets to only people who ask for one. (if possible)

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Feb 12, 2017
This thread is to receive specific feedback about a giveaway for dash at TEDxSLC on September 9th. As noted in that proposal a 2nd proposal would be made for the giveaway and any other small needs before the event. Because the dash price would likely change.

After discussing this giveaway recently there are a couple last minute decisions. A good point is to only give wallets to people who are interested with perhaps a total cap of available wallets. This gives a higher perceived value as it is more of a limited resource. As I've learned there is no easy way to generate nearly 1500 wallets, its labor intensive as well.

There are two groups of people at the event. Normal purchased tickets and Student Tickets that are very low cost. Student tickets do not come with Lunch. Therefore we are planning to get the trucks setup to accept dash so students could buy food with their dash. This leans towards the approximately 14-15 dollar giveaway with the food truck pricing being probably $5-7

I also want to give out larger .1 dash paper wallets to VIP guests, speakers or other sponsors.

I was hoping to get representation by Dash Areosports (flyover) however the planes arrival deadline conflicts with the SLC event. I was also hoping a member or two of the core team could come out however as we all know several key events are taking priority. In any event i'm working with the Dash Meetup group in SLC, luckily the largest group out now to distribute tickets. If you are in the area and want to be part of it let me know. I'll be including some small tips for anyone helping at the booth. Some of these tasks like merchant adoption(food truck) are fairly time consuming and still sorting out what that will look like. I don't live in SLC so I will be relying on help locally.

All paper wallet private keys will be stored and we will draw back all dash that has not been swept after two weeks.

I will give a bigger update in the final proposal to be summit-ed in the next couple days.

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