Pre-Proposal : Teaching About Dash As Decentralized Project In Morocco

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Jan 20, 2019
1.Morocco - Statistics & Facts :

Morocco is located in North Africa. Its coastline borders on both the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, and neighbors include Algeria and Mauritania. Morocco's population amounts to around 34 million people. The country's capital is Rabat, however, there are five other cities that are significantly larger than Rabat when it comes to the number of residents, the largest city of them being Casablanca. Morocco is a close neighbor to Western Europe and it has been able to use its location to its economic advantage. Important trade partners include Spain and France for both exports imports. Additionally, low labor costs and the country’s market-oriented approach to its economy seem to have a positive effect on its economic growth which is expected to stabilize and even increase over the next few years.

2.Who Am I ?

Hello DASH network, my name is Slim , I’m from from Morocco and I'm 27 years old. I studied economie in UIR school in Morocco and i'm working in call center , My expeirience in the cryptocurrency world started 2 years ago with Bitcoin as everyone else but I didn't stop looking for other coins in coinmarketcap. I found Dash and I became interested to know more about Dash Digital Cash. In the first stage I have been in the community more that observer and as I had not more free time in the past but now I have managed to delegate some tasks and matters of my life, and having a little more free time this has allowed me to make the decision that during the year 2019 I will be more actively involved in Dash. With different field activities (face to face).

3.Why Does Morocco Need Dash ?

It's important to know that it's a developing country.Moroccans are a very dynamic social and enterprising kind of people and very receptive to new technology. They are often early adopters but few have bought into crypto and almost none of them know about Dash.

4.What Will I Do ?

My proposal is going to be focused on creating awareness and building trust among Moroccan people and letting them know more about Dash. I want to let Moroccan people to know that there is an alternative to Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin has such high fees and slow transactions people don’t use it like money. They just hold it or are not interested at all. Dash can help my fellow Moroccans in a real way as an everyday currency because of low fees and fast transactions. I will start with 2 Conferences will take the biggest cities and I will request funds from the treasury to explain the following concepts to the public.

A.The First Conference Will Be In Casablanca / Morocco :



  • Casablanca : is the largest city in Morocco with a total population of 3,359,818. The city has its origins in the 7th Century when Berbers, an indigenous ethnic tribe, made it their capital.
B.The Second Conference would Be In Rabat,Salé / Morocco :


  • Salé : Has a population of 890,403 individuals. It is the fifth largest city in Morocco by population. The city has berber roots dating back to the 1000s. The city is also called Salli or Sallee. One of the most famous sights in Salé is the giant Great Mosque. Salé is located adjacent to the Moroccan capital of Rabat.
  • Rabat : is the capital of Morocco. It is also the seventh largest city in the country with a total population of around 580,000.

5.Topics To Be Covered :
  • Explain cryptocurrencies, their evolution and blockchain technology.
  • How Does Dash's DAO Work.
  • How to download and setup Dash wallets.
  • How does PrivateSend / InstantSend work.
  • Understanding features of Dash.
  • Where to purchase Dash units in Sudan.
  • Helping attendees how can setup a Dash Morocco team.
  • Practical experience of using Dash in payment.
  • Make a lunch and deliver merchandising so that the Dash brand is visible through the streets of the cities.

6.What Benefits Does This Proposal Contribute To Dash Community ?

  • Create a big Dash community and buzz with merchant adoption in Morocco.
  • These conferences would be of the first talks that occur in Morocco, about Dash. According to the statistics of visits of the Dash site, Morocco is in the ranking 66 it is necessary that Dash is better known in Morocco, to make synergies with Latin America . Check The Link
  • That the people who attend the conference can see an activemember of the Dash community (I consider myself) explaining the project and answering the questions that arise.
  • Creation of a large number of wallets, 10 Dash available for direct in person purchase by attendees (to give an easier consumer experience to 1st time purchasers of our product).

7.Budget Of The Proposal :

  • Proposal Fee : 5 Dash ( 346 Usd )
  • Talks speaker for 2 conferences : 3 Dash ( 208 Usd )
  • Conferences room : 6 Dash ( 415 Usd )
  • Purchase Dash available for direct in person by attendees = 10 Dash ( 692 Usd )
  • Advertising : 3 Dash ( 208 Usd )
  • Workshop Materials : 4 Dash ( 277 Usd )
  • Catering : 7 Dash ( 485 Usd )
  • Registration and security staff : 3 Dash ( 208 Usd )
  • Video recording : 4 Dash ( 277 Usd )
  • Video editing : 4 Dash ( 277 Usd )
  • English translation = 2 Dash ( 139 Usd )
  • English subtitles = 2 Dash ( 139 Usd )
  • The treasury funds I request are: 53 Dash ( 3671 Usd )

To facilitate other proposals I request the funds in 2 payments.

  • 26.5 First payment for First conference
  • 26.5 Second payment for Second conference

The first conference would be in March and the second in April.

For all this, I wanted to know, the opinion of the MN operator community before launching the proposal. I expect opinions, suggestions and feedback.

Thank you.
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