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[pre-proposal] Promoting dash in Kazakhstan

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Alich, Jul 13, 2017.


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  1. Alich

    Alich New Member

    Jul 3, 2017
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    Good day, dear friends.

    There is a short description of the project:

    The mass advertizing of DASH through a set of popular Instagram accounts in Kazakhstan intended for users of social networks and purchasing of DASH.


    1) 7000$ (38,73 DASH). The main part of expenses, payment for advertizing of the company which owns all popular accounts. This price is specified with due regard for a discount for our company. The similar advertizing campaign costs an average of $10.000.

    2) 904$ (5 DASH). Application costs.

    3) 543$ (3 DASH). Payment to the staff of our company, including other contingencies. Commissions and risks while converting currency are taken into account.

    In total: 8446$ (46,73DASH)

    We will use the official introductory video with reference to the main website.

    The cost of 1 DASH is $180.74 (13.07.2017)

    Duration is 1 month. 1 video will be published in 42 accounts every week. Only 4 publications on each account.

    My name is Alibek Narimbay:

    Facebook: https://goo.gl/oYqzrg

    Linkedin: https://goo.gl/DWwKP5

    Not so long ago I have published the offer on creation of official representative office of DASH in Kazakhstan.


    Unfortunately, such big monthly investments can’t be entrusted to us. Therefore, our team have decided to offer one-off project which will last for 1 month. It will prove an efficiency of our work in promoting of DASH project in Kazakhstan.

    The project concept:

    There is a company among the enterprisers of Kazakhstan. It is engaged in buying out the popular Instagram accounts for advertizing various business projects.

    They have already bought more than 40 popular accounts and support them by increasing audience with the help of publishing interesting news for users.

    There is a list of existing, supported accounts with links in the table below. You will be able to get acquainted with their audience.

    https://goo.gl/xxWGi9 - google sheets table

    The total amount of subscribers is 8 720 200. And 1 800 000 subscribers are unique among them. So, these accounts include 1/9 of all population of Kazakhstan. Each of these users is subscribed, on average, to 4.8 accounts from the list in the table. We offer to post the video with DASH advertizing in all popular accounts within 1 month.

    It is very effective and interesting way of project promotion. As a result, a video will be posted once a week, 4 times within a month in 42 advertizing accounts. In total, it will be posted 168 times. At the same time 1 person will watch each video posted, on average, 5 times, i.e. from 5 different accounts. Each person from 1.8 million users of Instagram will watch this advertizing 20 times in 5 popular Instagram groups during a month.

    The table shows that if you add all the average views of the groups, you get 972,737 views. In a month 4 times and we get 3,890,948 views. Hence for 1 cent we get 5 views.

    All Instagram users, who have watched this advertizing, will understand everything about DASH. They will have an opportunity to follow the link to the official site of DASH supplier.


    The link will be published through https://goo.gl/. It shows statistics of jumping by the link which was shown in advertizing. Repors on placing a video in each group, information on statistics, watching video in each group, total number of viewings and following links will be published at a forum. Also, we will send screenshots of each placing.

    Unfortunately, developer owns the analytics of DASH website. We won't be able to record the number of purchases directly with the help of it. But it is possible to trace statistics of visiting the website (Image) through SimilarWeb application. At the moment it is unpopular in Kazakhstan.


    The target audience consists of 60% of women and 40% of men.


    1) 14-17 years old – 10%

    2) 18-24 years old – 65%

    3) 25-34 years old – 20%

    4) More than 34 years old – 5%


    75% - Kazakhstan

    25% - CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan)

    The main objective of the project is acquaintance with DASH in Kazakhstan in order to establish an official representative office, to begin a long-term cooperation in the future (which is described in the previous offer). First of all, this project means a team training for efficiency of working with the population of Kazakhstan and the CIS in the direction of DASH advertizing.
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  2. Alich

    Alich New Member

    Jul 3, 2017
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    Friends, please consider my proposal.