Pre-proposal: Introduction to Dash in Estonia

Hando Tõnumaa

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Aug 16, 2017
As a libertarian, I totally embrace your right to believe in whatever you please, even that flat earth thing.

But do you love banks and hate Dash, or dislike the legacy banking industry and recognize Dash as the honest efficient money of the future?

Just as I thought, the latter, not the former. Do the people who read your publication use money and want an alternative to banks?

Your price is not unreasonable. You produce profession quality stuff. I say yes.

When we're both stupidly rich, let's book a ride on a space-x trip to outer space and see for ourselves. The media has taught us to look for our differences and hate each other for it. The oligarchs would do anything to prevent people from realizing we all want the same thing on about 98% of issues, and the rest we can discuss over a beer.
Thank You, what a great comment!
I'll bet we'll have that beer rather sooner than later :)
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