Posting to verify that it's actually me who joined Dash Nation Slack


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Apr 28, 2017
Hi, Amanda B

Your videos are great! Maybe what intrigues me so much is your subtle undertone of mockery of the complexity of the subject matter which presents a welcoming path to newcomers and persons like myself who love the coins but don’t care much for all the technical details. While i totally disagree with the below post from the Decred Forum, i’m quoting it because i like the response that he got.

ClokworkGremlin on the Decred Forum: “My main objection to Amanda Johnson is that her presentation is stilted and awkward.”

buttongoose, in reply: “Amanda B easily swayed me. I bought dash & I'm afraid I'd consider jumping off a cliff if she told me to.”

5/7/17 Edit: Improve my wording of the second sentence for clarification.
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