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Discussion in 'Questions and Help' started by Elricstorm, May 22, 2017.

  1. Elricstorm

    Elricstorm New Member

    May 22, 2017
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    First, I must be doing the configuration incorrectly because I still don't show up on the listings:

    Address not seen on the network.

    API (machine-readable pages)

    Dash Explorer powered by Abe
    Tips appreciated! DASH

    APGL Source

    I'm running CCMiner for GPU mining using the following configuration:

    "api-bind": "",
    "statsavg": 20,
    "max-log-rate" : 30,
    "quiet" : false,
    "debug" : false,
    "protocol" : false,
    "cpu-priority" : 3,
    "algo" : "x11",
    "url" : "stratum+tcp://p2pool-dash.mindtrip.us:7903",
    "user" : "XcX8PcvnsPYjTdtgRqBAMwXRKncNuvFJcA",
    "pass" : "xxx"

    I notice that I never see my user mining on mindtrip. I'm GPU mining using 2 NVidia cards, or attempting to. I understand there may be better ways to do this and I'm all ears.

    Knowing what you know now, what type of setup should I do?

    OS and Software?

    I've combed through the web and these forums for the last 14 hours like a machine driven by a sense of insanity trying to find out what I'm doing wrong. I've even tried finding out what I need on YouTube and keep getting non-English speaking videos on Dash Mining. I don't see any guides on CCMiner GPU mining for Dash.

    Is there anyone that can assist?

    My thanks in advance.
  2. UdjinM6

    UdjinM6 Official Dash Dev
    Dash Core Team Moderator

    May 20, 2014
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    Try another pool maybe? Or could be that you hashrate is way too low - GPUs days are gone, it's ASICs era now in Dash.