On the estimation of the economic value of a Dash proposal


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Jun 28, 2017
Dear all,

I have submitted the attached paper to viXra.

I hope that it is of interest to Dash community.

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Pablo MPA



This paper is concerned with the derivation of a consistent formal method to allow for estimating the economic value of a Dash proposal. Standing on the Currency Fair Value[1] theory as rational financial pricing model of a currency, the paper will arrive at a straightforward and objective calculation tool, in the form of several simple equations. These will allow Masternode owners and individuals who submit proposals to the Dash treasury to estimate the expected value return of the economic proposals and thus, enable them to make more rational decisions. Development of this new model will require differential analysis of the fair value equation, as a basis for the analytical expressions expected by the main target audience. This analysis goes beyond the scope of Dash and many other currency research efforts may also drawn upon it.

Keywords: Dash·Proposal·Quantitative Finance·Asset Pricing·Currency Fair Value·Investing


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