Nvidia AI/deep learning


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Oct 30, 2014

Think about Bitcoin mining for a mo. Ok, it only does a single type of computing but all the same, it's by far the most powerful computing network in the world, nothing else even comes close yet Nvidia put a higher priority on producing AI and machine learning chips than Bitcoin mining chips and not just proof of concept or making available to meet upcoming demand but aggressively perusing performance the same as any other competitive market.

So who's buying? Am I missing something here? Maybe AI processors an essential gaming requirement these days and I'm just out of touch and I hope so because the first market that comes to mind first is learning about you and me, our browsing habits, the things we say online, who we associate with and how those associations work... That kind of thing is a boom industry these days but it's hard to know just how big that boom is and if this is an indication of the size of that industry, that hardware for harvesting personal data is a bigger market than hardware for Bitcoin mining... that's worrying.