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No more mining?

Discussion in 'Mining' started by camosoul, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. camosoul

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    Sep 19, 2014
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    With DASH making TX security asynchronous from manufacturing the ledger, and having a 1000 DASH bond for network entry... Why is mining still needed? Well, wild mining I mean. We still need to create the ledger. It still needs to be secure. But, what if...

    Your blocks were rejected if you didn't prove 1000 DASH?
    Your blocks were rejected if you exceeded a ceiling hashrate?

    Wild mining has been, up to now, the sole security to a BitClone. That's not longer true with DASH.

    Sure, maybe someone can hash harder. If they don't have their 1000 DASH bond, they're blocks are a fart in the wind no matter how much they hash. Oh, they put up the bond? But there's a hashrate limit. So, same fart int he wind.

    Since DASH has other ways to secure itself, why not use them? This would end mining pool consolidation, 51%, etc.

    It will also make miners cry about the end of their money hose. But, this is about what's best for DASH. Not miners.

    DASH doesn't have to settle for brute-force. Or the counter-productive pool consolidation it causes. I'm just not seeing the need for unbridled "wild" mining anymore.

    I'm sure posting in the mining section of the forum is trollbait. But, this is the place I'm likely to find an informed position, if there is one...