New Threats for Dash - Swish and the like


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Oct 29, 2016
< Excellent SWOT analysis of Bitcoin but has parallel to Dash.

In a nutshell this video explains how the edge in payment focused cryptos of cheap free and fast p2p and p2b payments is being eroded by the introduction of bank apps that do exactly this.

99% of the people do not case about the arguments of centralization / decentralization or the tech behind it.

At the end he also talks about a turnkey business solution. The package would include a crypto currency, accounting, HR, stock control and POS system. Wouldn't it be great if Evolution (one day) could deliver all this?

These are some stats from Swish the Swedish p2p bank app.

This is why I think the recent comments by DeepBlue on the DashCentral make a lot of sense. Every minute Dash does not deliver evolution is a minute given away to the first movers to have a better strong hold on the market.

There are equivalents in many EU countries
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Aug 6, 2018
Hey, this post is a bit dated but I decided to contribute my opinion anyway.

Dash is a currency and not a payments app and as such it has to compete against currencies and not payments apps. The only thing in which it has to compete with payments apps is it’s usability and features as these can be selling arguments which would prevent users from switching despite better economics of dash. As crypto is programmable money this is not impossible to achieve. Most payments companies build rather small ecosystems but dash builds an payments ecosystem with a featureset similar to wechat.

In my opinion the dash payments app has to be good enough.
The question a consumer asks himself won’t be Dash or PayPal, swish...but Dash or USD, Swedish krona... As dash is designed to be deflationary over time the choice will be obvious, everybody prefers money that gains money over money that looses value.

Volatility is a big issue in the way but I think it can be overcome by focusing on extreme cases first such as Venezuela or Zimbabwe.

Either way I partly agree that every minute evolution is not delivered is a minutes given to the first movers(which would be bitcoin following my argumentation) but every minute evolution is not delivers could also be a minute where someone finds a critical bug that would otherwise be the demise of dash.
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