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New cryptotrading platform "HiCo Trading"

Discussion in 'Exchanges' started by sokolov, May 14, 2019.

  1. sokolov

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    May 14, 2019
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    HiCo trading is new simple, convenient and reliable trading platform to manage digital assets. You can get more information or use our platform on hicotrading dot com/product-tour

    Our goal is to make trading easier and clear for everyone. We can see 5 folowing problems on the cryptotrading market.

    1. You need to use several exchanges;

    2. Not user-friendly interfaces, need to waste some time to deal with it;

    3. Stock exchanges don`t have statistical analysis tool;

    4. You need yo use other portals and blogs to track crypto news;

    5. It`s hard to remember your assets on many different exchanges.

    How do we solve this problems? Let`s see

    • Using our platform you have only one clear interface, through which you can trade on most exchanges. Moreover, you can customize the workplace as you like

    • HiCo Trading have a tool to analyze the statistics of your transactions

    • News Feed. All relevant news are in the platform.

    Of course it`s not all the advantages we have now and we have great plans. For example, next month we`ll announce new feature - automated trading. You can choose triggers and system will buy or sell your cryptocurrencies. You can watch new Avengers in the cinema with your girlfriend and you won’t lose your money if bitcoin falls again.

    Check hicotrading dot com/ or ask me any question you want. Furthermore, you can try our platform FOC for 2 weeks here - hicotrading dot com/pricing. You just need to enter your email and click button "get started" after that our manager will send you registration link. Try it now, it`s availible only to the automated trading announcement.
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