New convert to the "dark-side"

May 2, 2014
Hi, I am new here and have the same internet handel on bitcointalk. org

I see Bitcoin as a test run for a CCs as well as the progenitor of them all. The fact that the Bitcoin blockchain is unencrypted proves it is only a demo.
A bit like playing cards with the faces open to learn the rules. No one actually wants to continue the game faces up, after they get the hang of it.

Am i righ!


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Mar 9, 2014
Great way of putting it! LOL
Speaking of CC (I know you mean crypto currency) I was thinking today of how practical a CC is, it fits in your wallet, you don't need your phone... etc... And I've been wondering how we could possibly put our cryptos on a card for use like a credit card. You'd use it with a pin code. Lots of issues to deal with though, from having one made to keeping them safe. However, if you could buy a cheap "printing machine" for cards, and print out different amounts so you could control how much is on each card (because you could use a different account number on them) , it might help.

We really are on the cusp of something new here! This may very well become a tool to rein in our governments in the future. They are far too wasteful and corrupt. We need more tools as the people to put a cap on them!
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