Need help from japanese people


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Aug 21, 2014
Hello, I have an online MTG cards store, if you don´t know what is this is a trading card game with more than 20 years of life that is played all around the world (more info in

I´m trying to get some MTG booster boxes from Russia and Japan but I´m having difficulties with online stores because of language barrier (google translator is not enough) and I need help acquiring some products from russian and japanese stores. I need some people willing to buy it for me and sending it to spain. (I will cover for total purchase + shipping cost + 10% fee for helping me)

Can pay with DRK, BTC, Euro and Dollars preferably with escrow until we have a more confident bussiness relationship.

If any of you think that can be of any help to me please message me and we can discuss details.

I´m a trustful seller and you can check my profile both in ebay ( and MagicCardMarket (EU largest trading card market) (

Thanks in anticipation.