My Dash Nigeria Meetup

Oluwajuwon Micheal

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Sep 21, 2017
Hello, DASH community

We finished our Nigeria Meetup!

I am glad that we were able to collect a good audience.

1. We had 38 guests. 21 people knew nothing about cryptocurrency. no one knew about Dash. 9 people have come on the recommendation of friends. 7-8 people left for various reasons. Time of the event for 2 hours.

2. Structure of the presentation: What is cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency advantages, Bitcoin and its brief history, some facts, statistics, examples of personal use.
Next on the TOP 10 cryptocurrency and the transition to the benefits of the Dash (Dash why I choose !?). Completing the fantastic performance forecasts Bitcoin
exchange rate and the prospect of growth in the Dash. Questions - Answers.

3. I spoke on my personal experience on Dash and the benefits to Nigeria economy if fully adopted. I encouraged them to try and keep more dash and totally dump the
Niara with the banking system. If they should keep their money in the bank they do not own their money the bankers do.
We spoke on different investment opportunity using dash from masternodes to shares etc.

4. I introduced them to my personal exchanger where i sell and buy dash for Nigeria and other west africa countries(Presently Nigeria).

5. I sent dash to the first ten persons but unfortunately five of the guests do not have computers, smartphones such as Android and for that reason i had to send it
to them two days after the meetup.

6. Recommendation to guest. Told the first ten people to either keep their dash or use it to buy foods and drinks in the hall we used. I did not want to enforce anyone
to keep dash or sell it. I feel giving them the right to use the gift for whatever they want is the soul purpose of giving them also: This is the only way at the
moment to enable a person in the process of using cryptocurrency to experiennce the real use of digital cash.
Even if a person sells a coin, he will remain with his use of the experience, and this experience of his new life.

Am so grateful!


7. List of the addresses that received sent Dash

a. Xyvskw36Yen7RJvfAmbKVuisxgNGFSN9sk

b. Xtx74CMMkLdX8NB2vBxfANebYvrtoXgZXy

c. XxwK88GdisGiWtEQYnbGmm6n5CGDQ34tYZ

d. Xc9pxLzXyS9VvJRVCf94MungtfLqwK6XS2









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