Masternode keeps dropping off the MN list


Masternode Owner/Operator
Apr 16, 2014
Hey everyone,

so I've been running my MN almost since day 1 on testnet, when there where no payments at all. And I had some issues here and there, but nothing I couldn't fix.
But since v16 I can't get my Masternode to work properly anymore. I tried everything I could think of myself and moocowmoo tried to help me over IRC but we couldn't fix it.

So my problem is that my MN apparently keeps dropping off the MN list after 1-2days.
I am running a Remote/Local setup
When I check the MN list on the Remote server itself it always appears as active :1
But when I check on or check it on another node it dissapears from time to time. Sometimes it reappears shortly after, but sometimes it doesn't and then I have to restart the darkcoind on the Remote and send a new masternode start command from the local to get it on the list again.
This dropping off and restarting business is going on for some time now and I have not received a MN payment since the 24th of Nov!
2 days ago I was fed up with always having to check my MN and restarting it and made a fresh install from ground, because nothing else seemed to fix it (deleting peers.dat on both local and remote, deleting wallet.dat on remote, etc..)
So I moved the 1k to a new address on a fresh wallet and made a new wallet on the remote aswell. I generated a new masternode privkey - Fresh setup.
At first it looked like I finally did it, but then yesterday my node dropped off the list again. I joined the IRCchan and moocowmoo confirmed that on his node my MN was off the list aswell. We did some searches in the debug.log but couldn't find anything unusual. So I didn't restart the node to see if it would reappear some time later.
And it did! Today as I check my node was back online with an active duration of almost 2days, so everthing looked fine.
But I kept checking and now it has disappeared from the list once more...

So even with a fresh installation my node keeps jumping on and off the MN list until it finally drops off completly and I don't get MN payments anymore.

I have no idea what else to try or how to debug my situation. Any help welcome!