Marketing strategy for Dash Consumer usage.


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Jul 8, 2016
In today's society central banking systems are not what they used to be. The dollar and all other forms of fiat currencies are reaching a point of volatility and its only getting worse.As international trade begins to feel the shift in free market and microeconomic systems, cryptocurrency is no doubt revolutionary a platform of choice for this new era of commerce. In order for this vision to be a reality others have to see our vision in a tangible sense. I think its safe to conclude that 90% of consumers ARE NOT TECH SAVY. therefore we must try to make it as user friendly, seamless, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. The more circulation there is on the platform, the more it will be worth. EVERY TANGIBLE ASSET should be of focus for ROI. This is the time to uber and digitize EVERYTHING involving money.Digital currency makes that a possiblity. We are the gold miners and stock brokers of the digital world. It's time we start making investments and being our own bankers.
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