MAC: Secure Backup for Wallet.dat


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Apr 9, 2014
MAC / Cold Storage Guide
(Mac 10.10.3)

We have our Dash Wallet installed, encrypted and working.
As of
'Mac Wallet Setup Guide'

To secure our funds I suggest “cold storage” (moving the wallet.dat file off the computer onto several USB Sticks)

1. Starting Point

- Quit Wallet (always!! before you do anything inside the Dash Folder!!)
- Create New Desktop Folder (I use dates in the Naming)
- Move Wallet.dat file into new folder

Encrypt (Backup Folder again /as double paranoid)

- Start “System Utility” App (located in Applications –Utilities)

Disk Utility Open
- File – New – Disk Image from Folder

Select Folder (Cold Storage Folder we created earlier with the wallet.dat file)

Chose Setting
- Image Format: read/write
- Encryption: 245-bit

Chose Password
- Password: The longer the better (do NOT loose it!!)
- DESELECT: “remember password in keychain”
(As if this is selected, anybody using this file on your computer will have a very easy task to decrypt, as the password will be saved in the keychain, so DESELECT!!)
- A new Folder .dmg will be automatically created on your Desktop

Move to "cold"
- (1.) DRK .dmg Folder off Computer onto several USB Sticks
- These USB Sticks Should be stored in Several Locations
(I am using 5 USB Sticks, 3 in my House, 1 in a Waterproofed box, 1 Outside my house)
- After several Backups (of DRK.dmg) erase (2.) original Folder as not needed and uncrypted

And Done.
“Cold Storage” means that your wallet.dat file (which holds your coins) will be off the computer
Off the Internet connection.

This is my personal (Double Paranoid way), you can do this easier without an extra level of encryption, but safety first !

9. Suggestion:
I am using KeePass for all my Passwords:
(This is an Open Source Software, created by Dominic Reichel, I am in touch with him personal due to freynder MN KeePass integration)
- With KeePass you can create Long (terrible complicated Passwords, save them in the App, and copy /paste into any app needed)
- In case your keystrokes will be recorded (Malware) the attacker will only see a copy/paste command
- Use Keepass database on several devices
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