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Apr 7, 2015
Load Debit Card is first and only debit card loading platform in the world to implement full API system integration using the ShapeShift_io platform. That integration allows us to load "any" prepaid debit card or bank card in the world using 46+ different Cryptocurrencies. https://www.loaddebitcard.com/

As a pioneer in the business, Load Debit Card was registered as an International Business Company in Seychelles March 2015. Our Debit Card loading platform has been in development since 2014. The Beta version of our website was tested live successfully for 6 months, March 2015 to September 2015. The website you are viewing now is our non Beta complete version.

Cryptography currencies, like Bitcoin, need Entrepreneurs like us to fulfill gaps in the marketplace. This website, in it's simplest form, was created and operates daily by Entrepreneurs and Developers that have a vision to succeed. We saw a gap in the Bitcoin Debit Card market, then created the Load Debit Card platform. As an innovator in the business, we give you the ability to load ANY existing Debit Card using Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies!

What Cryptocurrencies do we accept to load ANY Bank or Prepaid Debit Card?
Load your debit card using Bitcoin, Bitcrystals, Blackcoin, DigiByte, Feathercoin, Infinitecoin, Maidsafe, Monero, Nxt, Positron, Ripple, Stellar, Vertcoin, Arch, Bitcoin Dark, Dogecoin, Florincoin, IOcoin, Mastercoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Potcoin, Shadowcash, StorjcoinX, Vericoin, BitUSD, Clams, Dash, Gemz, Ixcoin, Mintcoin, Nubits, Opal, Quark, Swarm, TetherUSD, Bitshares, Counterparty, Ether, Hyper, Litecoin, Monacoin, Neoscoin, Peercoin, Reddcoin, Startcoin, and Unobtanium. We are the only website in the world that can load your Bank Card, Debit Card, or Prepaid Debit Card with 46+ cryptocurrencies!

What type of Bank or Prepaid Debit Cards can we load?
We can load just about any Visa or Mastercard on the planet. Cards issued from your local bank, we can load Visa logo cards, Mastercard logo cards, reloadable prepaid debit cards, mango money reloadable prepaid debit cards, kaiku reloadable prepaid debit cards, netspend reloadable prepaid debit cards, accountnow reloadable prepaid debit cards, vision premier reloadable prepaid debit cards, greendot reloadable prepaid debit cards, ace elite reloadable prepaid debit cards, walmart money card reloadable prepaid debit cards, upside visa reloadable prepaid debit cards, my vanilla reloadable prepaid debit cards, rush card reloadable prepaid debit cards, paypal prepaid reloadable prepaid debit cards, kpf prepaid reloadable prepaid debit cards, pnc smart access reloadable prepaid debit cards, walgreens balance financial reloadable prepaid debit cards, chase liquid reloadable prepaid debit cards, ready debit gold reloadable prepaid debit cards, meta bank reloadable prepaid debit cards, and just about any other prepaid reloadable debit card that has a Visa or Mastercard logo worldwide.

What currencies can we load to your Bank or Prepaid debit card?
We can currently load USD or Euro currencies to your Bank or Reloadable Prepaid card.

How long does it take to load your Bank or Prepaid debit card?
Your order is processed instantly. However, it takes 3 business days for Visa and Mastercard networks to post funds, to show up on your Bank card or Prepaid Debit Card. (Holidays excluded)

What type of accounts do we offer?
1. Standard account, no cost to signup (You pay $10.00 for single transactions and 1.5% of the load amount).
2. Merchant account, $10 a month (You pay $9.00 for single transactions and 1.0% of the load amount).

How do I know your website is safe with my Data?
All data transactions generated though our website are fully encrypted. The only information in our database in clear text is the last 4 digits of your card number. This allows you to see previous loading history in your account, as well as load the card again without re-inserting the full card number. We take our member and website security seriously. We deploy every up to date security measure available to protect us, and you, when using our website.

What will be available soon if I have a merchant account?
We will have an API soon merchants will have access to be able to copy and paste secure code on their own website and perform secure debit card loading. You will be able to customize setting in your control panel that will allow you to profit from each card loading transaction through your website.

You want to get a merchant account FREE for 30 days?
Twitter promotion: Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/LoadDebitCard loaddebitcard
Must have 1,000 or more followers to qualify
Must tweet at least 10 times to your subscribers (no spam) the following message: Load any prepaid debit card or bank card in the world using Bitcoin or 46 Crypto currencies LoadDebitCard.com
Twitter image you can upload: https://loaddebitcard.com/images/custom-boxes/box3.png
Contact us when your done, we will enable your account to Merchant for 30 days FREE.
Load Debit Card social media twitter https://twitter.com/LoadDebitCard loaddebitcard and facebook https://www.facebook.com/LoadDebitCard/@LoadDebitCard.

We have live support on our website and are on social media.


Mar 17, 2017
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Fees have been reduced to (for a free account) $7.99 +1%.
I have tested this site and everything worked as described.
When compared to an exchange, the fees and time scales involved are slightly better.