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Live the DASH experience in Bogotá

Discussion in 'Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Ever Vega, May 27, 2018.

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    May 17, 2018
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    Proposal: Live the DASH experience in Bogotá


    Promote the massive adoption of DASH in Colombia, forming an enthusiastic community, formed and inspired, through experiential educational strategies.


    Colombia is one of the countries with the highest exchange of fiat money for cryptocurrencies in the region, during the last months. The process of adopting digital currencies has been accelerating along with new business options, exchanges and acceptance as a payment method in some establishments. The opportunity to promote the DASH experience is fantastic and timely, given the following reasons:

    Expansion Opportunity. We are at a privileged time for the development, implementation and use of digital money. There is a lot of "noise" in the environment about the crypto world, with fragmentary, incomplete and often openly malicious information. It is the optimal context for the promotion of DASH among the common population.

    Financial Alternative. The perception of security and confidence against the Colombian peso and its support for the stability of the government and the traditional financial system is very limited. The population looks for options that allow a profitable coverage, immediate liquidity and agile, economic and safe ways to transfer their resources.

    Social service. The enthusiasm and lack of knowledge is proportional to the proliferation of fraud schemes that arise and affect citizens. Offering a real alternative of liquidity, coverage, with clear information and real experiences of transactions with DASH will contribute to the protection of people against frauds and swindles.

    Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs and independent professionals look for new ways to leverage their offer of goods and services through easy, fast and profitable options. Many still do not know the possibilities that the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and specifically DASH can offer to solve the problem of payments, transfers and disbursements of money online.

    Remittances. Colombia is the largest recipient of remittances in the Andean community... only during the second quarter of 2017 the remittances received in Colombia went from 1,182 million to 1,359 million dollars and the trend continues to increase. It is well known that the costs of this type of remittance is significantly lower, faster and more effective through DASH. Our purpose is for people to know, value, use and promote this option.


    Create a DASH community in Bogotá, through a comprehensive online marketing strategy, the face-to-face training of leaders and the management of an active community and promoter of the massive adoption of cryptocurrency in Colombia.


    • Promote and disseminate the experimentation of the benefits, ease and convenience of DASH in Bogotá.
    • Increase the number of operations performed in DASH, increasing its use, adoption and value.
    • Educate about crypto culture and DASH, instructing in a technical, direct and concrete way about the benefits for traders, entrepreneurs and businessmen.
    • Initiate independent professionals (lawyers, doctors, accountants, artists...) in this technological trend, its benefits and possibilities.
    • Create a community of support, study and use of DASH in Bogotá.
    • Promote strategic alliances and networking between technological entrepreneurship, business, financial, educational and manufacturing sectors.
    • Promote the daily use of DASH for options for buying / selling goods and services or sending resources.


    It is a process to form the DASH community in Colombia, starting with the city of Bogotá, with an online promotion, email marketing, face-to-face event and follow-up.

    1. Digital Marketing Campaign

    We offer a free program about uses, successful experiences of the crypto world and future applications. Through digital advertising (pay per click) we deliver this program on video in a massive way, retaining the name and email of the people with the intention of following up. Hereby we aspire to reach 50,000 people interested in the crypto world, entrepreneurs, in financial options or innovative forms of payment. And we seek to convert them into prospects through the free digital program: that they authorize us to send information to the email they entrust to us.

    2. Email marketing

    We send to all the group of registered people a series of emails about entrepreneurship, uses, valuation and business related to cryptocurrency ecosystems. We especially emphasize the advantages, options and solutions offered by DASH, such as effective digital money and the success stories associated with DASH. This method allows you to build your relationship with the person, gain their trust, train them and keep them up to date with Latino Dash events and opportunities. Likewise, they will be the first guests to the face-to-face event of the DASH experience.

    3. Face-to-face Event for 500 People

    It is a training event in DASH and a direct experience with the uses, solutions and possibilities offered by this cryptocurrency in the ventures, exchanges and in everyday life. We will make three segments:

    a) Conferences: The speakers will not be exclusively Latino Dash, but we seek to integrate talent and specialized knowledge in crypto, DASH, motivation, entrepreneurship and personal finance. THEMES: Blockchain and the digital revolution, the DASH universe and its multiple options, DASH makes your life easier, life and business with DASH.

    b) Experiences: download and meet the wallet, "DASH to survive", doing business with DASH.

    c) Association: Networking space, relationship building, projection of future events and registration of volunteers for staff of future events with DASH.​

    4. DASH Community

    We know that a trained and enthusiastic community is a powerful asset in the world of cryptocurrencies. The objective is to integrate people, add talent and build lasting relationships that ease the promotion of DASH in other parts of Colombia and Latin America. Through the odds offered by social networks, we open participation and support options, with articles, contacts or ideas that allow the advancement of the purpose of promoting the massive adoption of DASH in Colombia and its surroundings.


    The budget of the entire strategy is USD 58,700 (DASH 195,7) and includes the four steps described above: advertising campaign with free course, email marketing, face-to-face event and community follow-up. The expected results are the following:

    Visitors to the website and advertising 250.000

    Prospects (email marketing) 35.000

    Event participants 500 (a 600)

    Followers Community 10.000


    We are professionals of human development, passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain revolution, specialists in NLP, Coaching, Pedagogy, Business Administration, Advertising and Design, among others. We are totally committed to the development and leadership of a DASH community in Colombia and its surroundings.

    Some team members:

    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Ever Vega Benavides. Consultant in human development, researcher and coach of spirituality, emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming, coaching and meditation. Passionate popularizer of the crypto world, its opportunities and development options.

    ADMINISTRATIVE ADDRESS: Diana Yazmín Heredia. Bachelor in child pedagogy, specialist in affiliate marketing and internet marketing. Entrepreneur and mother of two beautiful girls, convinced of the potential of the crypto world for business development, with the support of internet technology and automated systems.

    ONLINE STRATEGY: Juan Toro. Online business systems developer, specialist in tribes management and automation of email marketing processes.

    DESIGN AND PUBLICITY: Gustavo Ballesteros. Advertiser, designer and broadcaster. His specialty is to produce the language of access to the client's mind, the management of their commitment and permanence in the community.

    LOGISTICS: Alejandra Benavides. Business administrator, student of the world of cryptocurrency, trading and online entrepreneurship.


    Ever Vega Benavides
    Phone: +573144713416
    Email: [email protected][email protected]
    Web: www.latinodash.com under development.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/latinodash