July HardFork Series Update

Nov 27, 2017
Here's a little update on the HardFork Series Team this last period.

Along with our daily creative development routine over video chat and one-on-one meetings the HardFork writing team did some DASHing around New York and got some fantastic in-person writing done during Eric Vance Walton’s latest visit.

The core HardFork team, minus Matthew Niemerg who was there in (slack) spirit, shared some New York pizza to celebrate the rare occasion that most of our decentralized members were in the same city at the same time! They raised a glass to reaching an important milestone in the script development… the team is now more than halfway done! Even more importantly the depth and breadth of the blockchain-fueled futurist world is fully taking shape from the finite details to the intricately drawn characters.

Doug Karr and Christopher James Baker had an amazing time representing the HardFork Series and DASH at Consensus. While at the conference, they got some awesome facetime with the DASH core team.

The team also had an an energizing time spreading the word about Dash and HardFork across blockchain week NYC.

It’s been an incredibly exciting creative process the last few months building out the HardFork world and working round-the-clock to write the scripts and creative.

We’re so thankful and thrilled to be on this journey with you all.

Stay DASHy!
The HardFork Team