improvement of the decision-making tools of the DAO


Feb 8, 2017
Example of questions that the Dash community could study in order to propose several solutions.

I - Who?
(Who can use, who can propose)
1) - MNO
2) - community
3) - ...
II - What?
Type of vote
1) - decision
2) - election
3) - rating
4) - budget
5) - ...

III - how ?
1) - yes/no
2) - rating from X to Y
3) - ...

A diagram would be more meaningful.

Technical specifications :
1) - Modular : to ease the deployment, to isolate the malfunctions, to allow to add it to blockchain and parallel or subjacent DAO
2) Configurable: to add cases not envisaged at the beginning.

Start from the users, the user experience, the user interface and finally the modular and customizable code

start with a simple off-chain solution for what does not exist yet with validated data stored on the blockchain.

Then implement module by module to the blockchain by increasing the possibilities of the blockchain after the feedback acquired by the use and the experience.

"this is a very simplified example"

exemple :
a graphic interface with 3 choices seems to bring a good experience


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