If your last name starts with "V" help us out on social media to get Dash on NPR


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Mar 15, 2017
Mr. Hack is sending cool Dash swag to Guy Raz at NPR EVERY DAY THROUGH THE END OF DECEMBER.

We're hoping the mail room people at NPR take Guy Raz aside and say, "Dude, you gotta go talk to these Dash people so they quit sending coffee cups and gloves."

If your last name starts with "V" today is YOUR day to light up their social media channels.

So, go write those tweets, letters and facebook posts!




(scroll to bottom, click contact link in the contact column)

Here is the contact info for Ryan Taylor and Joel V.:

Ryan Taylor at @Rtaylor05 , Joel Valenzuela at @TheDesertLynx

If you missed your day, go ahead and pile on today! Mr. Hack has very generously agreed to send some cool Dash swag to the host, Guy Raz and his staff.

And if you promise to ALSO send something on your day, there's nothing wrong with participating more than once, hint hint.

For some time, I have thought that Ryan and Joel V should tell the story of Dash on a podcast called, “How I Built This” hosted by Guy Raz on NPR. Here is their tag line:

Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.

If you listen to a couple of the podcasts, you will see why Dash/Ryan/Joel would be such a good fit. They like to do inspirational stories about people who were determined, who overcame tremendous obstacles, people who wouldn’t give up and finally won and made a difference in the world.

Now, I hear your objection already, “Dash isn’t one of the best known companies in the world.”

While that is true, not all of their interviews have been super well known, for example: Sadie Lincoln with Barre3, and Chip Wilson with Lululemon Athletic. Furthermore, let’s not sell ourselves short. Dash is a Billion dollar movement that is making a meaningful difference in places like Venezuela, and New Hampshire. We are a movement and we are theinnovators in the crypto space. And we have made some dents in the big media.

Here’s Joel’s CNN interview where he spends Dash in New Hampshire:

Plus, how can they ignore the compelling story of this tiny startup thing that’s not a company that wants to take on the entire banking industry? They love David and Goliath stories. Or the fact that Bitcoin promised to help the 1-2 Billion unbanked people out there, but never followed through. The Dash community is absolutely committed to fulfill that promise.

And the amusing story of how Evan approached the Bitcoin developers with a real vision of how to improve Bitcoin, and they basically told him to go pound sand. They will live to regret that…

It is no trivial thing to get on this podcast. To get their attention and improve our odds, we want to harness the power of the Dash community. We want 500 (or more) people to reach out to NPR (handy links provided) with a short 2 or 3 paragraph message or some tweets or facebook posts about why they should get Ryan and Joel on the show.

You don’t have to hit all of the talking points. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Pick a couple and make a SHORT pitch about why they should do this. That way, they get 500+ unique messages, and not 500 copypasta letters that would be ineffective. Write it in your own words, no copy pasting.

We want a steady/relentless stream of mail to hit NPR/Guy Raz/How I built this. A simple way to do this is if your last name starts with “A” send your letter on Dec 1. If it starts with “B”, send it on Dec 2., etc. That will spread everything out organically over a month. We don’t want a big flood, and then nothing. If your name starts with "A" and you missed yesterday, go ahead and pile on today.

All the forums, DashForce, Dash Media Squad, etc will help get the word out. Once the social media campaign starts, we’re also going to send some cool Dash Swag to Guy Raz and his staff.

More talking points:

Dash intends to follow through on the promise that Bitcoin made, to help the unbanked. That’s 1-2 Billion people.

We are a Billion dollar movement that is not a corporation, and is run by the first ever successful DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization.) That makes Dash censorship resistant so dictatorships can't shut us down. There IS no home office or central point of failure. We have almost 5,000 MasterNodes spread all around the world that make up the very robust Dash network.

We have already signed up 2,000 merchants in Venezuela that accept Dash directly. Here is a compelling video that shows it actually works in Venezuela. Short, mostly done in english and english subtitles are available:

We have 4,000 merchants world wide and growing rapidly. https://discoverdash.com/stats/.

We are going to change how money works.

Dash is designed to be deflationary in the long term, not inflationary like all fiat currencies. Your savings should become more valuable over time, not less.

You can transfer value to anybody in the world in a few seconds if they have a smart phone or internet access. The transaction costs about a penny. Banks can’t do that.

Unlike all the other cryptocurrencies, we are rolling out software over the next year that will make it so easy, your grandmother could use it.

For people in some parts of the world, the optional privacy feature might keep them out of jail. Their bank doesn’t offer that service.

If you have questions, thoughts, ideas, more talking points, have some connection to NPR or Guy Raz, or get a real response, please post on the Swarm channel at Dash Talk, invite if you need it:


try this one for a Dash Talk invite. Some people can't get through on the above link


Or, post on the new social media channel of DashNation. Here’s an invitation if you need it:


Or post on the reddit Dashpay thread.

Get out there and make us proud!!!!