ICSI for Life. Shirley and Luis Antonio

Dec 29, 2017
My name is Luis Antonio, I live in Venezuela; A year ago I was diagnosed with Oligoastenozoospermia.
It is a clinical condition that practically makes me an infertile man.
Since then, my wife Shirley and I have tried by all clinical means to reverse that diagnosis to have the happiness of being parents again.
This situation has been very difficult for Shirley and me. Only the deep love we feel for each other and the love we feel for our wished "Maximiliano and Antonella" has given us the strength to continue fighting.
We need 10,000 USD to pay for a fertility treatment known as ICSI, but unfortunately the economic situation in our country has put us against the wall.
We want to have our children, so I appeal to the kindness of all of you so that through your donations we can see our dream come true.
My email is LuisAntonioJimenez on Gmail and my WhatsApp number +5804168337300, so they can communicate with us and verify our need.
This is my DASH wallet: XfF3HqhDQ7Gpeehy3oBCUJkbaTNacZC4uP
Thank you all for your solidarity.

Shirley and Luis Antonio.