How to revive a masternode after spending the collateral?


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Jan 30, 2016
I am sure more people are in the same situation. You have a masternode or more, DASH price went up and you quickly sold your 1000 DASH that you had in the DASH core wallet as the masternode collateral.

Now once DASH price goes down again, you re-buy your 1000 DASH.

What is the best procedure to revive the masternode?

I assume it will not work to just send the 1000 DASH back to the same key, as the transaction ID of the collateral deposit had to be entered into some config files before and that tx ID would now have changed.

Can you send the 1000 DASH back to the same address, or do you need to generate a new key / address and start over as if you make a new masternode? What if you did not spend the amounts that you received as masternode payments, just the 1000 DASH, does it make a difference?

What is the easiest way, considering your server is still running and you want to get it up and running with minimal work?

Thank you!


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Apr 8, 2014
Simply resend exactly 1000 coins to the same address.
Change the txid and index in the masternode.conf and save the file.
Reopen the wallet and after 15 confirmations start your node again.
That's the easiest/quickest way :)
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