Help updated to MN version


New Member
Oct 19, 2015
I recently saw that there was a problem where two miners mined the same block at virtually the same, and we are being told to make sure our MN are updated to 12.0.58?

I am running 12.0.56 I monitor my node via Dashwhale, err I mean Dashcentral. I haven't missed a payment, it seems like everything is running smoothly.

But when I log into my VPS and run
./dash-cli get-info
I am returned with the message: error: couldn't connect to the server. This is so confusing because my MN is running and I am getting paid out at the regular interval. I am reluctant to try to troubleshoot it and have my MN go offline because my collateral is in cold storage.

Can anyone please give a suggestion of how to proceed, or why I might be getting this error?