Hello Darkcoin Forums! I'm Max.


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Jun 30, 2014
Hi there! Even though there doesn't seem to be an introduction section, I thought I'd post one here because I'm intending to get really involved in this community.

My name is Max Fang, and I'm a prospective Computer Science major at UC Berkeley for this fall. I currently live in San Antonio. I'm a cofounder and CEO of a small cryptocurrency LLC called Zellux Computing that builds GPU mining rigs for investors who aren't tech-savvy enough to do it themselves. We're currently thinking about closing down because of profitability, but that can be discussed later.

I've been interested in Bitcoin and Darkcoin ever since I first heard about cryptos last December, and follow news very closely. I first heard about Darkcoin relatively recently, in my search for ASIC-resistant coins, and after reading through its protocol I immediately knew I wanted to get involved, even though my technical knowledge and skills were/are limited. I was unaware of these forums (and the Darkcoin community in general) and - quite stupidly, I now see - sent an email to Evan and Kyle asking if I could help out somehow, to no response. Now that I'm here, all things are good and I'm quietly lurking and reading everything I can to get myself acquainted and see how I can help out.

Sorry, that was a little lengthy. Nice to meet you all!


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May 9, 2014
Not lengthy at all! :)
Evan and Kyle tend to receive a lot of communication and sometimes they seem unresponsive because they have to prioritize, but if you post around and engage you'll find that there are many people in this community wanting to work with you. Welcome!