Governance improvement wishlist


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Oct 30, 2014
Posting this mostly as a reminder to self as points come up. Feel free to add to it, I'll try to keep this post updated with whatever gets added.

1. Tree structures. Top level such as Development, Marketing, Legal etc. Branches such as Development>Electrum, Development>Core Client etc.

2. More kinds of poll. Things like multiple options, A, B or C rather than 3 separate proposals.

3. Alternative voting methods. Someone other than masternodes having final say, things like passing an approved proposal on to a legal team before it's given the final go ahead or polling every Dash user on major changes.

4. Accommodate factions. Encouraging infighting sounds counter-intuitive but it's the most common way of improving voluntary voter participation.

5. Reverse the brain drain. By whatever means, appointing panels, hiring expertise, reaching out both inwardly and outwardly... It's embarrassing how many extremely smart people we've lost over the years, good governance will be impossible if we lose them all.

6. Record discussion. We get to dig out old discussions on forums, with a lot of social media that's gone and forgotten. That could be leveraged, linked archives, etc.


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Jul 12, 2015
Provide a separate Proof of Stake mass voting mechanism, not to proposals / governance but to vote their favorite MNOs. Then boost or decrease MNO proposal voting power based on those results. This would allow MNOs to engage and campaign with actual users while not gaining overbearing power. For example, if I gain huge voter support, then maybe my proposal voting power gets boosted by three. Likewise, if I'm a distracting and unpopular MNO, then maybe my voting power is decreased by three.
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