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Facebook messenger bot for Dash commerce

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by JZA, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    For a while I have tried to get DASH and crypto to be used more by the masses, lately I have tried to research mainstream apps that million of people use on daily basis. Facebook is one of those specially built for commerce. Facebook messenger bots have been around for a while and I think this will open a space where we can get people around the world to do business for crypto faster and better without much overhead.

    For that reason I want to build a bot that acts as a sell kart to be able to purchase products out of the Business Pages from Facebook and be able to recognize product-type posts and scrap the relevant information to process a payment through the messenger.

    A lot of businesses regardless of geography are more and more on Facebook to publish their listings for everything from restaurants and restaurants to any other type of product.

    Having a bot that will make it easier to move from static listings to active ones that make it easy for business to connect to their stock and be able to do e-commerce with very little knowledge.

    So what this bot will be, it will be open source, and developed on github in the open. Using public API which will be able to process payments in DASH.

    Development stages
    Development of these bots will take a few months as there needs to be built for people to do thorough testing and be able to learn the best UX for it. We aim to have an MVP for this product that will allow to process prices and generate receiving payments.

    We also want the bot to have a asynchronous calls so it can verify payments and send a notification to the chat for making the payment.

    Second stage is making smarter and be able to get the information from the FB user if this is publicly available. Like location, and addresses.


    This will allow anyone to use DASH for selling their products and services.

    As a future plan we can extend this for doing more service oriented offers like a pre-paid registration or something more sophisticated. It rely mainly on the availability of APIs that hold this data or the permissions that can be filtered.

    The goal is to make it easy to do commerce with DASH.

    Development 172 DASH
    Testing server 10 DASH
    Inflation 10% 17 DASH
    Proposal fee 5 DASH
    Period 2-3 months
    Payment 1 payment (204 DASH)
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