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Feb 19, 2017
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Hi MNOs, ever had a VPS go down? Or MN that went into NEW_START_REQUIRED for no known reason? Did you wish you knew about it sooner?

Well I have a solution for you!

First a story, i thought I had a good setup and I do ;) but my hosting provider had some SAN issues and the effect on my linux VPS was quite interesting, the box was up, but dashd was dead, I could log on, but most things did not work, journalctl to the rescue, after filtering through all the noobs trying to hack 'root' I got to some interesting messages, kernel was telling me sda1 had unrecoverable sector errors and LVM whats-a-name got remounted as READONLY, that's my / partition with everything on it! So, now I knew the VPS and dashd could not write to disk, dashd crashes as did many other processes, amazingly systemd is so clever it continues to keep the journal in RAM, I copy pasted the log out of the VM for proof of the issue and rebooted, the VPS came back up fine. After raising a support ticket, they said "Yeah, the SAN borked, but it's OK now, ain't it?" and I was like yeah, wish I knew about it earlier....

Enter the DASH Masternode Checker. Never face this issue again. This nifty little shell script will run from a cron and check ALL your MNs for the correct status and if it finds one or more are invalid it will send you an email. This will check all your MNs, so if your VPS goes down, you will get an alert about it from the other VPS that is still running, that is why this is so cool.

Install this on as many MN VPS as you have for best effect.

The repo is over at I have put good doco in the README on how to configure and install this. Please get back to me if you get stuck or have suggestions on how to improve it or bug fixes. I am also on Discord as xkcd#7307 if you want to realtime chat.