Discussion about further improving Dash ecosystem in Serbia

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Sep 2, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
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Hi all,

After 3 months of gaining great traction among people about Dash in general (you can read it on DFN article here), I would like to start a discussion about our next steps regarding further Dash implementation for day-to-day usage.

What I had in mind is a couple of things actually:

- Internal Exchange for our purposes only
- PoS system which we can offer to local shops and restaurants (we need to have exchange to send Serbian Dinars due to regulations here)
- ATMs, which we can buy and implement them in many venues and locals here and make easy for other people since current ones don't work
- Crypto micro-loan system which people can use to get an instant loan to use on our PoS systems.

Now, since this will probably be my next proposal, I would like to hear an opinion from all of you regarding this.

From my perspective, this will be great test field for Dash in general and also be giving people an option to see how is it when you use Dash on daily basis since so far the only option is trading or mining which is not the point if the Dash is after all - the Digital Cash.

Looking forward to hearing more about this from all of you.

Feel free to shoot any questions you have regarding this.