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Mar 9, 2014
So I'm campaigning for this proposed project this month because I really think it's an amazing opportunity and proposed by amazing people:

Dash Destination : Cancun!

I honestly can't believe how badly this proposal is going. I suppose it's not a simple project to understand, especially since the project's goals are very long term. In fact, this is sort of the "kick off" of a long term adoption project. Maybe it would help to know who jza is.

JZA manages Dash en Espanol on Facebook and Telegram and is the person who translated for

JZA has also been a long time developer of Open Office. You can read about him here:

He has also been mentoring students for 3 years on Google Summer of Code

been doing work for OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), been involved with the KDE community

And has been the Country manager for FLISOL for 5 years. FLISoL, an acronym for Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre, is the biggest event for spreading Software Libre since 2005, performed simultaneously in different countries of Latin America.

Please reconsider your vote. This is a great project that really has the potential of spreading Dash use all over the world. The Bitcunners group has been around a long time and have been growing. They are huge Dash enthusiasts and SO ACTIVE! We need to harness this energy! It's a great plan, and their location couldn't be better. What we learn from this will be invaluable.

JZA thinks this project should win based on it's merits alone, but life doesn't work that way. I want you to know we are dealing with royalty of the Open Source world. OK, that's a little much , but DAMN people, how many people do you know that are THIS passionate?

This project really deserves our re-consideration.

If you vote no on this because you think all marketing decisions need to be made by the core group, you are killing one of the best and most valuable asset a decentralized (or proportedly decentralized) project has. It's autonomous groups of people moving the project, the message, the adoption forward. I think MN owners are becoming extremely narrow minded. I've seen posts saying we shouldn't even spend budget money on outside projects, but only give it to the core team! Talk about killing Dash!!!! Please, don't start thinking this way!

Thanks for reading!
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