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Designer for corporate identity and collateral

Discussion in 'Community Dash Jobs and Gigs' started by Sven, May 9, 2019.

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    Aug 15, 2017
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    A startup I'm involved in is looking for a freelancer to help them create a corporate identity and then various material based on that design language, e.g. web site, sales deck, flyers.

    What they'd like you to have:
    • a good understanding of typography and colors
    • able to tell/illustrate a story with imagery and access to the necessary material
    • an understanding of some basic business concepts so you know what the material you create is talking about and can strengthen that message with your designs
    • an understanding of some basic web technology, mainly so you know what's possible and what's not within the constraints of their web site
    • experience working with corporate clients
    • good English so we can communicate efficiently
    • a portfolio or references that verifiably show your work
    • accept Dash as payment
    They're not looking for a quick one-time gig, but a more long-term partnership with a reliable designer who can turn things around quickly as they come up in the regular course of business. If that sounds like you , please PM me.
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