Debrief: Decentralize All the Profits! Tour

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Aug 27, 2016
This is admittedly a lengthy post. If you read only the SUMMARY you'll get a good gist of how the Decentralized All the Profits! tour went. If you want more details, read the EVENT-BY-EVENT OVERVIEW as well.


Over a three-week period the DASH: Detailed team – Amanda B. Johnson and me, Pete Eyre – held four meetups in an effort to inform more people about Dash. The events were held in Salt Lake City (Nov. 10th), Minneapolis (Nov. 16th), Austin (Nov. 27th), and Albuquerque (Nov. 29th). These cities were selected as they were on the route of a road trip we had already planned to visit family for Thanksgiving.

We submitted a proposal – Decentralize All the Profits! expense reimbursement – via the Dash treasury seeking 75 Dash to procure a new audio recorder and microphone (to capture good audio), as well as to buy refreshments. This proposal was ultimately funded by the masternodes.

The events – in my opinion – advanced what what was outlined in the proposal. Namely, to “present the features unique to Dash which have set us on the opposite trajectory of most (or all?) cryptos, namely that we’re becoming more decentralized over time, not less. What’s more, it will illustrate why decentralization of profits is crucial to long-term success of crypto networks, not optional.” A video will be published to in the near future to showcase what was presented.


The meetups brought value – increased understanding of, and affinity for Dash, facilitated the exchange ideas, and forged new connections with like-minded individuals. It proved worthwhile to find and connect with a point-person on the ground who actively encouraged those in their sphere to join the event. In the future, it would also be worthwhile to share, when posting event details, that refreshments are to be provided, as that may cause those at the margins to attend.



Shortly after announcing, via @DASHdetailed, our pending Decentralized All the Profits! route, which listed the Salt Lake City meetup location as “To Be Determined,” Wil Bown reached out and stated that he could assist us in nailing-down a venue. We soon secured a room at the Impact Hub – a co-working space downtown. (This was the only venue on the tour which bore a cost, $60, which was included in our proposal.)

Wil also happens to be involved with the Utah Bitcoin Community and thusly invited those in his sphere. Meanwhile, Amanda and I did outreach via tweets on @DASHdetailed, mentions on DASH: Detailed episodes, and to the Salt Lake City subreddit.

The meetup had a great vibe. And with close to 30 people present, it was the most well-attended of the four events held. Those present were members of the Utah Bitcoin Community, two of the founders of Storj (four of them had relocated to the area) including John Quinn who bought pizza for the group, DASH: Detailed viewers, a gentleman involved with Alexandria, and Dustin Haggett, the founder of Impact Hub Salt Lake who streamed the presentation via his Facebook Live account.

Amanda spoke for about 45-minutes. She did a great job addressing attendees, who were positioned on chairs behind tables that we'd arranged, then took questions.


Our Minneapolis meetup, held at the University of Minnesota, was a productive event. After doing a bit of searching online I came across the UMN Cryptocurrency Club, sent an inquiry email, and began correspondence with Justin Ehrenhofer.

Justin informed me that the UMN Cryptocurrency Club was, during our slated pass through town, holding four outreach events, which they dubbed “Cryptoccurency Month.” Also, that Justin himself had planned to do a talk titled, “Battle for Privacy” and discuss Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. Justin happily added Amanda to that event.

In addition to the standard outreach Amanda and I were doing – via DASH: Detailed outlets and to the Minneapolis subreddit – I informed my bud Andrew Henderson (who later recorded and published the event to his YouTube page). Justin, meanwhile, had not sat idle. He wrote to me that “we have flyers up in all the dorms, the College of Science and Engineering, and the Carlson School of Management. Your event is posted on our Facebook page, our website, our school's event page, and the Everything Bitcoin Meetup page.”

The event had a good turnout – perhaps 20 folks and included members of Everything Bitcoin! group, students, and those who'd learned of the event via the subreddit post. And Gregg Dourgarian, who founded Tempworks, kindly provided pizza (we had provided a selection of drinks).

After Justin gave his presentation Amanda spoke. Afterward she took some questions then we all remained in the room engaged in various conversations for a while.


Our Austin meetup was held at Brave New Books on Sunday afternoon – the normal time the venue hosts the Decentralized Tech Meetup, which was funded by Dash masternodes via the Dash treasury.

There were about 10 people present at the meetup. We had done our normal outreach and I'd posted to the Austin subreddit. The audience was pretty diverse in terms of their crypto familiarity – some new and some experienced – and many had never before been to the venue. To be more on the level of those present Amanda spoke while sitting on a chair on the elevated stage.

After the meetup Amanda interviewed John Bush, who oversees things at Brave New Books, as John himself is being funded via the Dash treasury for his “Dash to Adoption – 100 Businesses in 100 Days.” That video – which will be posted to – is forthcoming.


When planning our on-the-road route I saw that ABQ was positioned halfway from Austin and Salt Lake City so I started looking for a point-person on the ground. Despite doing some moderate canvasing using keywords many of the top-returning results including an old Bitcoin meetup group and stories about ABQ becoming home to the first BTM in the USSA, none of those leads bore fruit.

It was only after I came across “cryptocurrency” listed as a “Research Interest” on the online bio of UNM economics grad student Brandon Bridge, did things materialize. Brandon very graciously secured the use of a room on campus.

We had done outreach via DASH: Detailed channels and to the Albuquerque subreddit and Brandon informed folks he knew. I don't think it a stretch to say that he was directly responsible for almost all the meetup attendees. Not including Amanda and myself that amounted to a half-dozen. One of whom commented that probably all the cryptocurrency-oriented folks in town were present.

This meetup felt more conversational than others – as Amanda chose to sit on a chair up front facing everyone else, who were positioned among the first two rows of a stadium-style classroom layout. Also because all of the attendees – save for my uncle who accompanied – were pretty informed about the cryptocurrency sphere.

One person present – Solve – who runs Deep Space Coffee in downtown ABQ, noted his interest in accepting Dash. We later introduced Solve to John Bush via email (per John's Dash to Adoption efforts) to help see this process through if he indeed decides to move forward.


Thanks to everyone who helped make the Decentralize All the Profits! tour a success. If you have any thoughts or comments please do share.
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