DASHmonitor.org - Actionable Data and Analytics for Better Budget Decisions Through Mention Analysis


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Jan 10, 2018

We propose to build a DASH reputation, news, mention, and comment monitoring system that will allow the DASH community to view and act on mentions, news articles, social posts, forums, telegram chats, and other relevant sources of information. Our platform will cover over 280,000 global news sources, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), comments sections, review sites, forums, message boards, chat applications, and millions of blogs.

The goal is two-part:

1) We aim to use the active DASH community as a source of education and as a response team to monitor, analyze, and respond to online content through analysis in real time; and

2) The DASH community will be provided with actionable analytics to help drive better budget decisions for masternode owners and budget proposers in the future.

What is DASH Monitor?

DASH Monitor is a system for monitoring mentions, videos, comments, social posts, and articles that mention DASH. A user will then be able to filter this data based upon sentiment analysis, location, language, date, source, keywords, and source type.

We have already built the initial User Interface. It can be found here: https://marvelapp.com/2c50a5i

Analytics covering various data points will be visible to the community enabling better budget decisions in the future.

What this proposal is:
  • This IS a proposal to produce a system whereby the DASH community can spread the word and educate the world through various sources about DASH in a systematic and coherent manner.
  • This IS a proposal to enable Masternode owners to have valuable data about where to focus treasury funds.
  • This IS a proposal to enable budget proposers the ability to focus efforts on the most effective messages to promote DASH and to identify the best locations, whether online or physical.

What this proposal is not:
  • This is not a proposal to aggregate pricing data.
  • This is not a proposal to aggregate exchange data.
  • This is not a proposal to intended for “investors” to make investment or financial decisions.

How will DASH benefit from DASH Monitor?

We believe that DASH solves many of the problems in the cryptocurrency space and that the world should know about DASH. The best way to do this is by leveraging the current DASH community to spread the word through positive comments about low transaction fees, privacy, instant payments, and the power of the DAO.

The DASH reputation platform will allow the DASH community to monitor and respond to any type of comments, statements, and other information posted in over 280,000 online global news sources, social media sites, relevant forums, chat applications, millions of blogs, and other relevant places with information, posts, comments, and videos about DASH.

We will also display analytics such as geographic distribution of sentiment, source type, and content type. We will be able to identify key sources that drive positive and negative sentiment of DASH. Further, we will be able to tell the potential reach of various sources and content types to make better budget decisions in the future based on actionable data.


Our team of 4 developers, designers, and engineers will deliver a scalable web application the entire growing DASH community can use to monitor the sources and content listed above in real time at DASH Monitor. The application will require a user account, and allow a user to view, sort, and act on data in real time. We will include a full analytics suite so we can focus our efforts where it matters most and so masternode owners can make budget decisions based on data. Our proposal price includes all development costs, overhead costs, devops, data partners, user feature requests, and maintenance for an entire year.

Our technology stack will include a custom angular frontend, Node scrapers, proxies, rotating virtual servers, and custom Dynamo database architecture to hold all the data.

We will complete the development of this project in 3 phases. The first phase, which will take approximately 2 months to complete, will be a fully functional production system. The remaining 2 phases are designed to focus primarily on analytics, feature enhancements, user requests, and to add more data sources.

We also would like to point out that we will be building this software ourselves and not hiring a third party development shop. We have over 40 years of combined development experience and every member of our team has started, built, and had successful exits to industry leaders of their software. In short, we are experienced, have done this before, and have proven to be successful.

Development Schedule

PHASE 1 - Months 0-2

This phase of the system will start with creating connections to data partners and building scrapers to get data. In parallel we will build a front end web application that gives users the ability to view, sort, comment, and save mentions in real time.

The phase 1 deliverable will be a fully functional production web application with the following features:

  • Simple Login System, User Authentication, and Profiles (How you get into the system)
  • Real Time Scalable Database Architecture (How we show you the data)
  • Partner and Scraper Connections to Database (How we get the data)
  • Data filtering (How you can use the data)
  • Mention Save (How you can come back to the data)
  • Mention Commenting System (How you can share your thoughts)

PHASE 2 - Months 3-4:

Phase 2 of the system will focus on delivering analytics data. We will take our evolving data set and deliver actionable data about sentiment, location, and sources. This data will allow masternode owners and budget proposers a better and actionable understanding of the world’s view on DASH, where sentiment and tonality is concentrated across the world, and the types of sources and subjects the world is concerned with, receptive to, undereducated on, or enjoying about DASH. We see this as an opportunity for the community to make better informed decisions about budget proposals and where to focus efforts on in the future.

We will also make contact with Dash Central/Dash.org to incorporate a single sign on feature. This will allow users to have the same login for both Dash Central/ Dash.org without the need to manage multiple accounts and passwords.

The Phase 2 deliverables will include the following features:

  • Full actionable analytics including, sentiment, location, source, medium, updated in real time.
  • Single Sign on from Dash Central or Dash.org
  • We will begin to work on your user feature requests.

PHASE 3 - Months 5-6:

Phase 3 will primarily focus on user enhancements, notifications, and user feature requests. Specifically the goal is to make the system more efficient for users to build and save filters, view important information as determined by an upvoting system, build a notification system, and a custom user created daily/weekly/monthly digest of the latest DASH mentions delivered by email.

The Phase 3 deliverables will include the following features:

  • User mention up and down voting system.
  • Advanced filtering and filter saving.
  • Custom user created web and email notification system.
  • User created features.

Our Development Process
We have been developing software in an AGILE environment for over 40 combined years. The primary goal of an agile development process is to deliver working software and features in short periods of time called sprints. Each sprint starts with a feature set and includes testing and production deployment. Here is our process:

  1. We start by developing a list of FAQs -- https://goo.gl/PzDffj
  2. Then we generate answers to the FAQs to narrow the scope of our development and create a product roadmap (phases)
  3. Then we create wireframes based on the phases
  4. Then we create a mockup of the user interface. (We are here)
  5. Then we create user stories to define product requirements.
  6. We breakout the phases and implement agile development cycles.
  • Break each phase into 4 2-week sprints
  • Execute on sprints
  • Test
  • Deploy release ON TIME.

Budget Breakdown

Proposed 3 month Payout Schedule

What we will do with excess funds

We have decided to peg the price of DASH at $575. This decision has been made to enable us to carry on our work once we begin and to ensure proper funding of the project. Given the volatility of the market in the past month, we are at odds with predicting the future price and/or using a moving average that encompasses the highest highs in what is still a down market.

In the event there is a substantial increase in the price of DASH we will use the excess funds in 2 ways. First, we will use them to fund future development based on user feature requests, adding additional data sources, and system improvements. Secondly, we will use excess funds to continue supporting the platform and the associated costs for a term in excess of the included development year. Obviously we cannot predict the future so it is our intention to use funds to keep the system functioning properly and running for as long as possible.

Our technology background

In 2013, Austin and EJ Archuleta started a software company called Scanther. As a startup, Scanther developed a broad range of products and was primarily positioned as a B2B SaaS solution for small business technology.

Scanther started out building “Smart Signs” that paired with a mobile website builder. This product attracted the attention of a Fortune 500 company with whom we eventually partnered. The Scanther Smart Sign system was featured on Mad Money on CNBC along with our partner.

Here is a video link to that product:

As the business evolved so did our products. Eventually our system evolved into a mobile app builder. Our unique selling point was that our apps could be created in less than a minute using only a business name and we could create both Apple and Android apps at scale. This system attracted the attention of a few potential buyers and in 2016 Scanther was acquired by Advice Interactive Group of Dallas, Texas.

Here is a link about the acquisition:


Our background with DASH. Education. Investment. Goals.

Our family loves technology and are avid DASH enthusiasts. We believe in the self governance and self funding model. We love the quick and effortless payments that protect the user’s privacy. Because of these reasons we educated and persuaded family members to invest in DASH in early 2017. As a result, most of our family members are DASH investors. Our goals are to spread the word about DASH, foster adoption, and ultimately increase its market capitalization through education and participation.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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Dec 2, 2017
Hey CryptoBadger, very interesting proposal! And we both have DASH-SXSW presences. Are you based in austin? If so, we should grab coffee sometime. Also, if you can, you should come by our only-spend-dash event at Cenote March 15-17.

Sophisticated sentiment monitoring is important for the network, I believe. Thank you for working on this problem. I'm sure I will have some more cohesive thoughts and feature ideas shortly. Very cool.


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Jan 10, 2018
Hey CryptoBadger, very interesting proposal! And we both have DASH-SXSW presences. Are you based in austin? If so, we should grab coffee sometime. Also, if you can, you should come by our only-spend-dash event at Cenote March 15-17.

Sophisticated sentiment monitoring is important for the network, I believe. Thank you for working on this problem. I'm sure I will have some more cohesive thoughts and feature ideas shortly. Very cool.
Hey there Feedbands! Yes we are and will absolutley come check out the only-spend-dash event. I will DM you on Discord and we can set something up for this week if you are free. Thanks for the feedback. We believe monitoring and analytics can help focus proposals and enable masternode owners to make better budget decisions in the future.


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Jan 11, 2018
This is much needed. This is the kind of proposal that makes the Dash network stronger. Nice proposal write-up and it appears to be a very reasonable price for what we will be getting. I can think of use case for me right now: instant identification for a coordinated, cohesive, and reasoned response by the Dash community explaining the truth whenever a troll posts the "instamined scam coin" lie. That pervasive lie has appeared across social media platforms and blogs and has most definitely hurt Dash and will continue to do so unless something like this allows us to combat it in a quick, and effective manner with numerous reasoned responses from Dash community members.