Dash to Implement InstantSend by Default, Solve Critical Merchant Adoption Barrier

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Mark Mason

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Feb 24, 2017
Dash to Implement InstantSend by Default, Solve Critical Merchant Adoption Barrier

Dash is preparing to activate InstantSend transactions by default, laying an important foundation for mass merchant adoption.

As part of the upcoming 0.13 release, regular transactions will be made InstantSend by default. At present, regular transactions work like those of most other cryptocurrencies, with a payment being broadcast instantly but its security not to be trusted until several on-blockchain confirmations, while the InstantSend option uses the masternode network to lock transaction inputs for an additional fee, resulting in a transaction that is secure instantly. With the implementation of InstantSend by default, all simple Dash transactions (four inputs or fewer) will automatically be locked by the masternodes, without incurring an additional cost or requiring that the software explicitly support the InstantSend option.


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May 6, 2015
Great news, SMS payments, default insta-send and a simple user interface (hopefully appearing with Evolution) should see Dash miles ahead of the game.
Seems like Dash is being slept on really badly by most crypto investors and traders, I must say it doesn't seem any more immune to BTCs drag effect than any other crypto (although it's transaction volume is less affected for sure).

How much longer will the crypto space dismiss Dash as "just another alt-coin"?

I suspect real institutional investors will immediately see the gaping chasm in functionality and professionalism between the Dash project and other alt-coin and then the real haters will be screaming!

Till then I'll just scratch my head and accumulate....

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