Dash Repo Roundup Mar 6-Mar 12 2019


Mar 11, 2017
This has been a very active week for the Dash repositories, Hash Engineering as well, but not as much. The big news is that Dash will be releasing a bump to the v13 Dashcore version soon, v0.13.2.0, to help MNs that have had problems registering properly under DIP3.

I am not sure if Hash Engineering will have to do anything to its 6.4.0 release, this update to Dashcore looks like a minor fix, but we will be receiving a new update ahead of the April 2nd activation of Spork 15. You can see the pull request for the new version right here:


Apparently some MNs were not properly completing the fields for their IP registration, so we have a fix coming in. Spork 15 is scheduled for April 2nd, and we are above 70% DIP3 registration for masternodes, so if you are a masternode, double check your status with your registration, if you are one of the MNs that did not register properly, this fix is coming.

Work continues on the v0.15 backport to Bitcore, some interesting conversation regarding Bitcore upstream compatibility can be found here:


I am wondering if this “Maven” discussion has anything to do with upstream compatibility for SegWit. This would be another good question for DCG ahead of their next quarterly call.

This is the most activity we have had on the Dash repos in a couple weeks, rest assured that our developer team is working hard behind the scenes to get us up and ready for Sprok 15 and the next phase of our upgrade toward Evolution.
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