Dash Repo Roundup Mar 29-April 2 2019


Mar 11, 2017
The big news from DCG last week was the launching of release candidates for v0.14 of Dashcore wallet. As of today, we have a new RC which can be downloaded here:


If you are testing v0.14, please keep up with these new release candidates. Of course, we just had Spork 15 activated today on the mainnet which went off without a hitch. The Dash repos have been relatively quiet this week apart from work on v0.14.

Hash Engineering has been quite busy this week however, I have received more notifications from them than I have the Dash repos. Most of these issues look like bug fixes to get the Android wallet working with v0.13 and although I have not seen a new release yet, I do expect another minor release to come soon to replace v6.4.1. This should be available for Android update when it is ready.

I want to congratulate DCG on a flawless activation of Spork 15 today, everything appears to work as promised and with testing commencing on v0.14, I don’t expect any issues with v0.13 that can’t be addressed in v0.14, which should follow quickly now that it is available on testnet for full community testing.
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