Dash Repo Roundup Feb 13-Feb 19 2019


Mar 11, 2017
It was a relatively quiet week for the Dash and Hash Engineering repositories. Documentation has been added for the algo governing the LLMQs. You can read it here:


Hash Engineering still seems to be working on the issue involving Android 6.0 and earlier OS. They pushed a commit on Version 6.40 of the mobile wallet and everything looks like it is falling into place.

The v 0.15 Backport for the upstream from Bitcore looks like it did go thru on Pull Request 6 as it has received a commit, so work can begin on the next upstream.

Cadex issued a pull request in Dec 2018 on the wrong repo for their Cadexpay and that pull was closed by UdjinM6.

Expect that with the DIP3 sure to be locked in, DCG will be preparing a release candidate for V14 for more open testing on testnet, that should come in the following weeks, it looks like the core team has a pretty firm handle on v14 already. Some good progress has already been made on v14 and I expect no delays from DCG on a release candidate, we are just waiting on the network to upgrade now, and it looks like that will happen after the March superblock.