Dash Repo Roundup April 3-April 9 2019


Mar 11, 2017
Work on the Dash repos continues to be steady as DCG continues to develop LLMQs for chainlocks implementation. Expect a stable release candidate for v0.14 testnet soon with these merges, I think we are up to RC3 but have not caught a release since RC1 on the repos. Once there is a more stable RC, the wider community can be more confident in trying out the new features and helping look for bugs.

This is pull request 42 (love that number) with multiple fixes:


Hash Engineering continues to work on their testnet, fixing some outstanding bugs, but I have not seen any commits for a new release to update v6.4.1. They have been relatively quiet this week on their repos, so maybe they have ironed out enough bugs for an update soon.

We now have a total of 55 Dash Evo repositories made public. You can view the libraries here:


Of course, DCG released Dashcore minor release v0.13.3.0 this week with a bunch of bug fixes and they have had their hands full with the Sporks, we have had Spork 15 & 16 enabled, so Instant Send is now by default for most transactions.
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