Dash Rebounds, Gains Against Bitcoin in Post-China Drama Crypto Recovery

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May 26, 2014

Dash has bounced back after a rough week in the markets, gaining against Bitcoin.

Over the past week, market uncertainty resulting from China’s announcementof shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges caused the crypto markets to crash, dipping from about $145 billion combined to around $97 billion over a few days. Since then, they have recovered to about $136 billion. Dash droppedfrom around $326 to a low of $220, and has since recovered back to $326. During this recovery, Dash made gains against the price of Bitcoin as well. For most of the past week during the market uncertainty, Dash remained at about 0.075 BTC. Over the weekend Dash grew to 0.087 BTC, to a present value of 0.083 BTC.

China exchange regulations shook markets, which have since shifted to other pairs

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