Dash POS (Point-of-Sale) integration


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Mar 20, 2017
First of all, I'm not an POS expert, only a Dash supporter who would like to see it spread to more merchants.

I was traveling around, and I started to look for the software solutions that merchants use in restaurants, bars etc. I'm not sure if it's any help for the Core Team, but since the Dash community is strong, I think we could all collect a few companies who might integrate Dash to their system.

I've seen Kounta (https://www.kounta.com) in Australia for example, and I would be glad to investigate the subject further in Hungary, where I live now. There are some high-traffic online aggregation services here to make accommodation reservations (like https://szallas.hu/), order food delivery (like https://www.netpincer.hu/) or buy electronics (like https://www.arukereso.hu/) who would potentially benefit from accepting Dash.

My question is to the Core Team basically, if this information helps them or not, or is there any other way we as non-developers can help the Dash mission?

Do I understand it correctly that the merchants need either to use a payment processor that supports Dash or deploy Dash's own payment processor on their servers?
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Mar 5, 2017


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Mar 15, 2017
Once we get big enough to throw some weight around in the credit card market, merchants would have meaningful reasons to do so. Much lower transaction costs.

Until then, Dash backed debit cards (as mentioned by Jim) makes merchant adoption non-critical or irrelevant.

Come on Payza/Charlie Shrem and TenX!


I have been writing some articles on Dash Force News about POS systems and how important they are to grow the Dash ecosystem. I am just seeing your post - https://www.kounta.com/features/ would be great to have a Dash / crypto integration. We need as many as possible. https://www.dashforcenews.com/business-integration-retail-sector-ukraine/ is about a couple of young guys doing the same thing in Ukraine. They developed a "crypto payment module" that could be added to the largest POS vendor in Ukraine.
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