Dash payment links


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Mar 25, 2021

I'm new to Dash. Please forgive my many newbie questions ...

Assume one wants to collect payments for unique goods like collectibles (the price already including worldwide shipping).
Without any third-party service, and without any integration like those for existing shopping carts.
But instead, directly in the official core wallet, create pre-generated single use payment links (URI), exactly like one would do with PayPal buttons.

My questions are:

1) Is there anything wrong creating 500 "Receive" payment URI in the core wallet, copy-paste them to a "dash_address" database column,
and generate the payment URIs from the the database columns (id, product_name, dash_address), using basic PHP code.
Does this bloat uselessly the ledger ?
(I am aware I could generate a payment address on demand, but prefer to collecting payments automatically whilst I'm sleeping.)

2) Do the payment links expire after some time, or are they long living, so that the purchase could occur in let's say 5 years?

3) How would the buyer pay using the dash URI?
I see that the "Send" tab from the official core wallet shows three fields: "Pay to", "Label", "Amount", but has now "URI" field where the buyer could copy the payment link.
Are the URI intended to be payment links for existing or future web browser that will integrate dash payments ? Or existing browser plugins?

4) How do I check if any of the goods was purchased "today"?
Do I simply have to open the Dash core wallet on a daily basis and check the "Transactions" tab?

5) Once an item was sold, do I simply have to delete the payment address in the "Receive" tab to avoid further payments?
Prior to that, should I consolidate the payment to a "main" payment address (i.e. send to myself) in order to not loose the payment?

6) Does deleting a Dash address prevents later double spend from buyers and receiving spam payments to a no longer available product ?

7) How to deal with partial payments and avoid spam payments?
Through user registration and well written "Terms and conditions"?
Should a dash payment link be displayed only after the buyer has registered on my website?

8) On my website, should I register the buyer's payment address, so that I am sure who did the payment?

9) Why does the core wallet not let me edit the price of products in payment links?
Is this because the price is incorporated into the dash address?

I am aware that payment links compares to what PayPal buttons are to a true web shop, and that payment links are not suitable for high volume shop, but only for casual sales.
They have many drawbacks, but offers the advantage of marketing products faster.

Thank you for making me less stupid.