dash momentum must ride on tech underlining tech changes


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Nov 27, 2017
I hope EVAN DUFFIELD realizes crypto is not only tech, it's just as much about accepted social convention as to what money is ($, euros, gold, spices, etc) in the 1st place. It took 100's of years for universal acceptance of just what money is (a pure social convention).

Dash, Bitcoin, Etherium and others are some of the 1st mover names going in that direction BUT to keep the DASH name GROWING and on top, it takes robust investigation into new crypto technologies like IOTA and CARDANO, and adapting them into the DASH brand name if it fits.

DASH has the huge advantage of a functioning DAO and masternode hardware AND LOTS OF UNUSED MONEY that allows DASH to morph and change as time goes by. Some of that money needs to be assigned to continuing research into new crypto technologies BACKEND to integrate new crypto tech into EVOLUTION front end.



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Jul 6, 2017
I agree, we should not become stubborn, thinking "Our way is the best way". More than likely, with the thousands of crypto projects, some developers will find a better, cheaper and more user friendly way of becoming a usable cryptocurrency. I do not believe our roadmap should be set in stone, who knows, maybe bigger blocks is not the future. Heck, look at IOTA, maybe we don't need blocks at all. Or Zcoin, with a cheaper, easier version of Privatesend.

We should take a good, hard look at what the competition is doing and adapt our strategy accordingly. With the treasury funds and the momentum Dash is building up, we are in my mind, well suited to do so.
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