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Dash meetup

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ahimbisibwebrian, May 17, 2019.

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    Apr 25, 2019
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    We successfully had our meetup on 12th may with 9 attendees we discussed much about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, indeed the topic was strictly about the dash coin use cases and technology
    After the introduction,people with their phone's had to download the official dash wallet, To my rating 3 of the attendees knew about cryptocurrencies 5 others had not heard of cryptocurrency with one who had false idea about cryptocurrencies brought about by one of the circulating ponzi coin which I will share with you in the DM.
    It was then interesting from here that I was able to explain more details about the dash coin, on how to send and recieve the coin, on how to securely store their funds, the first transactions using the app, dash markets, majority of the attendees to their surprise, that even someone could possibly send and recieve as low as 2.5$, they were more questions that i reached an extent to attend to each individual whatever the question which took much of the time
    The attendees were explained on how transactions are too transparent verifiable and secure with out any central body or middlemen.
    The most frequently asked question
    If there is any possibility of automatic settlements or swaps of the Rwf or USD to dash within the wallet

    Some one raised aquiz if he could switch to start receiving his donation funds to their project in dash Iiked this because it showed they were able relate to traditional way they have recieving with too much bank transfer fees
    About the scalability,
    Why does the address keep changing and is there an effect incase funds are sent to the previous address, At least I satisfied their question with appropriate answers

    The seven attendees that downloaded the app were tipped with 2.5$ in dash coin

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