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Mar 15, 2017
I admire Jerry's determination, but have reservations about the fundamental assumptions of the proposal. The idea is essentially protectionism. This strategy rarely turns out the way it is intended. Would you rather buy a service or a product where you can pay 6 different ways, or just 1 way?

"Forcing" people to use Dash (by any means) on one website will never be as successful as making it easy and transparent to spend Dash anywhere. There are two projects in the works right now that allow you to use a credit card backed by Dash any place that takes the credit card. This makes Dash work every bit as good as fiat, and at a million vendors all over the place.

If you want to make a streaming or other kind of content site that only takes Dash, that's fine. I doubt it will take us to the moon.

I also have reservations that (even if it's every bit as good as Jerry says it is) the idea would be copied a month later by two other coins.


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Jan 9, 2017
Saint Petersburg, FL
The votes and comments here have been especially helpful for me today and I appreciate the time you took to write them! I am very grateful for the Dash community and will remember that going forward.

Hi Jerry, please make this proposal. I am fully behind you, will vote yes and think the community should realise the potential upside is huge. Your vision goes hand in hand with what evolution is going to be and you have the skillsets to make this happen.
Thank you very much for your kind feedback here Hillscent! I will soon post a video with updates that I hope you are enjoy and which reflect your feedback!

Good with me!
Thank you!

Hi Jerry. I think it's a great idea. I'm not an active Dash user but I have an old wallet. Thought I'd respond (I'm also on FB, find me if you want.) I think it's a cool idea but I noticed a few things. First, incentive engagement is often against the TOS of many platforms. For instance, Youtube is very against incentivized views outside it's own ad platform and partners. How would this work? Secondly, I'm also confused over if you're presenting a new platform for streaming, a platform for paying engagers, or a platform for advertising? Why not just create a social network that's entirely monetized with altcoins?---- like literally a ALTBOOK with live, ads, etc. a clone, with everything either costing or earning coin? Why not do this with your own coin vs. an already existing one? I'm just a bit lost as to the value of using yourself as an example and what you're actually proposing. :)

I always thought it would be a cool idea if there was an upwork style site that operated on an altcoin. I also often wished there was a service like coinbase that took a wider variety of altcoins.
Thank you for encouraging me to check for a way to make sure everything complies with the terms of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch! I will research this more for my planning because of what you shared here. I am hoping to do a platform that is as you shared an upwork style with an altcoin which stands out from users doing work live and services not available anywhere else!

Thank you!

Hi @JerryBanfield

I'm the developer of FundChan: funded channel messaging, which I am in the process or re-denominating from bitcoin to exclusively dash.

The FundChan platform does much of what you need and can easily work for the live stream use-case that you describe.

Here's an explainer video:

Lol poor Bob isn't as popular as Alice lol. Cool idea and I went to fundchan.com but it mostly looks like a landing page. It would be good to see more on the homepage. This is what I would like except on live streaming! If you would like to follow up, would you continue the conversation in my Facebook group named "Jerry Banfield and Friends."

Hi Jerry. A smart proposal. You get my vote.
Thank you! Based on the votes, I am not going forward with the proposal here but I am planning to make the website!

Hello Jerry, I think it is a great idea. Please make the proposal.
Andrew thank you for encouraging me to make the proposal here! With most of the votes going towards no, I will not make the proposal because the no votes are extremely powerful virtually eliminating the chance of the proposal passing even with what is on this thread! I will continue working on the website and appreciate you sharing here!

What the heck is wrong with people giving this a no vote? This is one of the better proposals here.

I think this is a very good idea, and I fully support it! It could give us huge ROI. You have good ideas, and I hope you will thrive in the Dash community and continue supporting us.

Rant or not, I think that most people can understand why he reacted. Was it a bit to much? Yes, probably. Still... We should look forward, not backwards. I don't think Jerry Banfield would reflect badly on Dash in any case. For some sensitive emotion hot people, perhaps. But normal and rational people, not so much.
Carlh you make a lot of great points and I appreciate you taking the time to share them here! After reading the comments here, I hope that a proposal like this inspires adoption by another person in the Dash community because it appears I am not the person for this job!


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Apr 23, 2016
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It is suspicious that you thank everyone.
If everyone should be thanked in this universe, then why things go from bad to worse?
I will appreciate if you point to the people who do not deserve to be thanked.


Mar 17, 2017
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I would like you to put this forward.


Jan 29, 2017
Jerry gets a lot of shit here because he's not been very diplomatic on a couple of occasions. Yes, I agree that his rant was a bit unnecessary. But he did have a good point in my opinion. Turning down proposals that can give the community some good upsides, and when you have proven to do good work already and have a nice following, that is a bit strange. And yes, it's very unnecessary to threaten to go to other crypto currencies. Just do it if you're turned down. He's not a diplomatic person, obviously. He still has a lot to offer in my opinion, and are consistently being shot down.

I don't believe this suggestion alone will make any crypto currency steal the number one position. And I do not think that only Jerry could do this. But he has some experience and a following. He has a very good point about video and live broadcast being really popular. I think it's a fair chance that a payment-for-watching-service could be one thing that could give Dash a real boost. We're talking about a sum that is not insane. A sum that will most likely be trashed if the the proposal does not get funded. Yes, I know the value will increase somewhat if the money supply decreases. But still. I think it's really worth gambling on. I'm obviously in the minority. People seems to have a hard time to forget, forgive or to give the benefit of the doubt. That's a shame.
Carlh, you are so right that Dash has a chance here for a real boost for an extremely not insane sum. I watched the whole video and completely agree. Jerry is just getting frustrated in the same way I'm getting a little frustrated - it is the miser instinct in some people, which is exceptionally poorly placed here since it's basically free. It's not like there are a lot of JBs and ABJs around offering to get the word about Dash out. Adding 200Dash into circulation will put approximately zero downward pressure on the price, and not adding it in this case eliminates the chance that Jerry is right, or maybe partly right. It's basically a zero cost way to take a chance that could have a huge benefit. Dash priced in bitcoin has been sucking eggs for quite some time now and has aboot zero use case relative to bitcoin (right now), and a lot of very motivated competition that all know now that you have to have governance and ease of use.
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Jan 29, 2017
Thank you each for your feedback which has guided me to choose not to make a proposal for this and to remain open to working with whichever crypto community is most welcoming!
Hi Jerry, if you see this please contact me - I like your proposal even though I don't completely understand it as noted in the comment I just left on the youtube video (my lack of understanding is - is the idea that you make more money from advertising than you pay people to watch?). If you make another video explaining that the seeming threats to take this idea somewhere else weren't intended to antagonise anyone but just your Asberger's acting up :) I'll pay the proposal fee for you. It's a small risk to take for what, if you're right, could lead to a huge reward. As I understand it anyone can comment here so don't take the haters as representative of the MNOs.


Jan 29, 2017
You would consider selling your node because a 100-200 dash/mo project does not get funded? That's up to you but, wow.

Masternodes have made some pretty bad decisions in the past. The network is transitioning from more Masternodes being held by people who happened to pick the right coin and who made a lot of money from that, to being held by people who already have a lot of money and are skilled businesspeople/investors. That movement is still happening and I expect the quality of masternode vetting to continue to improve over time.

I do not think that pivx would vote to shell out 33% to 66% of their monthly budget to fund this which is equivalent to the 100-200 dash mentioned, when they can't even afford to pay their developers a competitive salary yet.

I do not think that the demand exists for something like this, and building that demand by developing an entire web marketplace and paying for users,...etc I do not even think is even within Jerry's strength/area of expertise. I just don't see it happening.
"I just don't see it happening." I hear you, but my question is: what if you're wrong? I just don't see the risk in spending an extra 200 Dash into circulation. It will put aboot zero negative downward pressure on price as I noted in the other comment and doesn't even mean defunding any other proposals. Am I wrong about that?


Jan 29, 2017
Point taken. Regarding is previous rant, I don't think he fully understands the benefits of "burning" currency. In this case however, I urge everyone interested in the success of Dash to listen to his argument. It makes a lot of sense, and seeks to address an issue in the cryptoworld that has not yet been solved. Don't though the message out with the messenger. Masternodes may determine that he is not the one to represent Dash, but he at least deserves credit for bringing this idea to the fore.
"I don't think he fully understands the benefits of "burning" currency" No, he is right. Again as I've already mentioned, voting no to his proposal is voting to reduce Dash inflation by 1/33,000 in return for eliminating a chance for big reward. We couldn't make a dumber decision - he can be a terrific boon to the network. We need more like him and ABJ not fewer.


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Jul 31, 2015
"I just don't see it happening." I hear you, but my question is: what if you're wrong? I just don't see the risk in spending an extra 200 Dash into circulation. It will put aboot zero negative downward pressure on price as I noted in the other comment and doesn't even mean defunding any other proposals. Am I wrong about that?
We don't know yet if it would get in the way of other proposals because not all proposals have been submitted yet.

Regardless, just because there is low risk doesn't make any proposal a good idea. I could say I am going to create a Dash app that will be downloaded and used by millions of users, doesn't mean I should be funded unless there is a clear plan and evidence that I can produce the kind of results even remotely close to what I promised. If Jerry would be willing to have the funds escrowed and only paid out after very specific deliverables are achieved then I would be more willing to consider. Or if there was evidence presented that this vision is realistic.

There are all kind of things to consider for this. If such a service is created then it would be trivially easy for that service to accept other cryptocurrencies as well (there would need to be a contract to prevent this), and even if it only accepted Dash, there would be nothing to prevent another startup from copying the same idea and accepting other forms of payment. There are technical hurdles -- how do you prove that a user is watching live on twitch or YouTube or Facebook for a certain duration? Or that they are not a bot with 500 windows open on different accounts to take in the money? If there are currently no services like this then I would think there is a reason for that and it would be presumptuous to think that Jerry can break through all that on his own with a revolutionary solution. And if there are already services like this (I know there are sites where you can get paid to watch videos, not sure about livestreams though), then why would this solution be good enough to take some of that market share?
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Mar 5, 2017
They still work if there is humor :)
Yeah! I got my very first Troll icon! I was feeling like a goody two shoes, so mission accomplished.
In my year at Steemit i learned that getting emotional and then ranting can be either a complete waste of time, or something hilarious if later on, you make a joke about it, as you stated. But mostly, it wastes valuable time and energy. I catch myself now and avoid doing it at all costs.
For me personally, I'd continue working to promote Dash even if none of my proposals passed. I'd be doing exactly what I'm already doing.
This idea of threatening to move to a different coin is indicative of something, for sure. Ranting rarely brings forth valuable fruit, it only conveys a deeper message of discontent.