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Should Dash invest in metropolitan Chambers of Commerce memberships in the US?

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Daddy's Home

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Sep 21, 2017
Dash Hub Phoenix aims to create a local Dash based community in the United States’ 8th largest metropolitan area and will be a multi phase program. By partnering with the local businesses and chamber of commerce organizations, we will spread Dash to small businesses and residents throughout the Phoenix Metro area. Phase 1 will begin by targeting the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, public events, and the artisans, food vendors, and skilled laborers who are the heart of our local economy.bBy introducing single owner businesses and their patrons to the benefits of Dash, digital cash will begin to stamp its footprint into the minds of multiple thousands of metropolitan residents as the premier digital payments system.

Dash Hub Phoenix aims to leverage the favorable legislative and economic climate in the Phoenix-metro area, and the nearby home of Dash Core’s international headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, to make the Phoenix-metro area a premier hotspot for the Dash ecosystem. Dash Hub Phoenix is also in close proximity to Alt-36 payments systems, making it a perfect fit for local business growth, and promotion of a local economy.

Arizona is an ideal location to launch Dash Hub. Arizona is a cryptocurrency friendly State with the Arizona State Legislature recently passing several blockchain friendly laws including a fintech sandbox that encourages startups to migrate to our city, and a bill that allows residents and businesses to pay their taxes in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency




The bill sponsor is quoted as saying that the bill is “sending a signal to everyone in the United States and possibly throughout the world that Arizona is going to be the place to be for blockchain and digital currency technology in the future.”

Dash Hub Phoenix, with its connections to the local, legislative and business community, would like to make Dash the premier cryptocurrency of Arizona.

Dash Hubs Phoenix proposes the following 3-month pilot program, in partnership with a Dash escrow service, to build the first U.S. Dash Hub community in Phoenix.

Monthly Meetings

Dash Hub will begin a local meet-up campaign in the Phoenix-metro area, hosting 1-2 meet-ups per month in the Phoenix-metro area. We aim to bring Dash meet-ups to already existing crypto enthusiasts in the valley.

  • Our exploratory meeting brought together several Dash community members at Classic Crust Pizza, one of the only local businesses currently accepting Crypto payments.

  • Proposal owner Zachariah recently gave a presentation on the Dash/Blockcypher/NREL partnership at a blockchain meetup sponsored by Propy. This experience was a great networking opportunity and generated interest for a pilot group to participate in testing of P2P energy transactions as the technology is released by NREL.

  • Continuing meetups will target new businesses each month, and will offer Dash wallet setup with giveaways of $20usd to 10 new users who can use their new wallet to make purchases from venues or Dash swag.
Local First engagement

Local business sign-ups – partner with established business community organizations to promote Dash

Local Events

The phoenix area is home to multiple large public gatherings and events. In early phases, we will target key cultural events that attract the movers, shakers, and trendsetters from our local culture. As we develop our processes and Dash technology and funding grow, we see the potential to become a regular presence at every cultural event our metropolis has to offer.

  • 4 major professional athletics teams with seasons overlapping throughout the year.

  • Bi-monthly arts and culture street fairs in the downtown and suburban areas.

  • Multiple farmer’s markets

  • Multiple historic neighborhood events.

  • Regular food and music festivals.

  • Political rallies.

  • 3 major university campuses as well as many community colleges.

  • Project Management =15 Dash per month (45 Dash total)

  • Proposal fee reimbursement =1.66 Dash per month (5 Dash total)

  • Chamber of commerce membership = tbd based on response from local chambers

  • Marketing of Events = 3 Dash per month (9 Dash total)

  • Marketing Material for Events = 1 Dash per month (3 Dash total)

  • Event sponsorships = 3 Dash per month (9 Dash total)
Subtotal Total 57 dash (pending chambers response) = 30 Dash per month for 3 months

  • Price Contingency = 20%
Total = 33 Dash per month for 3 months


All payments would be made from escrowed funds when the team meets certain benchmarks:

  • Proposal Pases
    • PM fee (50%)?

    • Proposal reimbursement

    • Ad and Marketing material fees for meetups
  • MOUs in place for event sponsorship
    • Event sponsorship fees
  • Somthing result focused too, like 100 business sign-ups
    • Remaining Dash
About Zach

I am part of the newest generation of crypto enthusiasts. In my first week of research on the emerging technology of distributed ledgers, I immediately realized that the positive feedback loop of the Dash funding mechanism made it a front runner in the digital payments frontier. Since that time, I’ve invested my free moments in keeping abreast of Dash’s development. Some of you may be familiar with my work in the DashDirect project, working outside the treasury system to bring Dash to the unbanked and impoverished population of northern Ghana.

I’ve spent my life in the customer service industry, and will apply my cumulative knowledge of of the retail industry to vantage the inner experience (personal feelings towards socio-economic issues) and outer experience (fundamental business costs paid to existing paradigms) to show the advantages of early adoption in the digital payments space.


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May 25, 2018
As a Phoenix resident, I think the Phoenix metro area is prime for a proposal like this one, given its proximity to the core team, the legislative environment, and great work being done at ASU.


Mar 16, 2017
Voted yes and believe your pre-proposal is exactly what Dash needs to see more of going through our proposal system. So many good things going for you on this including that your in Arizona. I think getting involved on the community level and doing things like farmers markets is one of the best ways to win people over to DASH that are not even familiar with crypto. Hope many people comment on this and vote on it and that you take it to the proposal level.

It is ideas like these that will start to pop up around every major city that will take DASH to the next level.

And as for the Chamber of Commerce crowd I agree it's worth it-there business savvy people and more and more in my community I am seeing those types of people show more interest in me and digital currency.


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Mar 15, 2017
I don't know about investing in Chambers of Commerce all across the U.S., but this sounds like a perfect pilot project to see how it goes.


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May 29, 2017
I think this is a fantastic idea. It would be most unfortunate if Dash wasn't represented in one of its primary bases of operations, and it's also an environment that seems ideal for Dash to flourish. Could you elaborate a bit on the scope of the organization you hope to build? How many people do you think will be involved? Do you have or will you be seeking to maintain an office or some sort of central location out of which to operate and facilitate gatherings and events?

Daddy's Home

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Sep 21, 2017
Hi Arthyron, and thank you for your interest.

Initially, this is outlined for myself to begin planting the seeds for grassroots growth. The first 3 months of funding would include a minimal budget that can be used for basic Dash merchandise and enough equipment to run a booth at local street fairs and events. Through this, we can “take the pulse” of the community and get a feel for local interest in digital cash use. In most cases it will be myself speaking directly to vendors and teaching them the benefits, security, and ease of Dash.
For larger events, I’ve spoken with a few local community members who are willing to work with me in setting up new wallets and, most likely, following DFN’s model. As an example, give new users $20, and then sell them Dash swag for $10.

Currently, there is no building or office space designated as a base of operations. I would rather prove my capability to the network with 3-6 months of work on the ground before moving to a Dash store, or embassy setting. The project management fee is calculated to allow me ample time away from my current job while I work to build a base for the broader scope of a true Dash Hub.

While we (Dash and I) work toward this goal, there are several tech and crypto friendly spaces holding regular meet ups. I will leverage these known meet ups to begin educating curious minds in the Dashy ways.

The more important goal, for the trial period will be finding local bars, coffee shops, and restaurants that will accept Dash with the incentive of hosting new clientele through meet ups.

While I wait to speak, again, with Bradley Zastrow I feel that the chamber of commerce investment (my last post) should begin at a base of $6,600 to get introductions to local policy makers in order to lay the foundation for projects such as P2P energy sales. If Core wishes to commit any resources to fully utilize the investment, I can see the true power of top tier chamber membership. This would give (tax deductible) advertising, networking, and growth analysis opportunities.

I hope that this brings light to some of your questions, and I’m happy to delve further into any points you would like to further discuss.
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May 29, 2017
Great, sounds like a very solid, well-thought-out plan with reasonable goals and expectations.