Dash Gateway Plugin for Shopify.com, so that 400,000 Shopify store owners can accept Dash



Edit: I posted a more detailed proposal at


Shopify has 400,000 online stores and they're present in pretty much every country. Today all 400,000 Shopify stores are able to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

(I would attach a few screenshots but this forum does not let me upload files... really?)

If we are able to get Shopify on board, all 400,000 stores will be able to start accepting Dash by just selecting an option on a drop down box.
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Mar 6, 2016
This is an EXCELLENT idea!!

We should see if this could become a proposal for the budget spend.

From what I understand Shopify use Bitpay for their Bitcoin integration. So I guess that is where we would need to start.

The CEOs of BitPay are Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair from what I understand.

Anyone got a connection or advice?