Dash Gateway Plugin for Shopify.com, so that 400,000 Shopify store owners can accept Dash



I had a chat with my contact at Shopify and I think this will be way easier than anticipated.

Dash Gateway Plugin for Shopify

We are going to fund an integration so that Shopify store owners can sell their products and services for Dash.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform with 400,000 stores worldwide. I personally have a shopify store and the technology is amazing.

Why is this important?
Once this plugin is created and later on published by Shopify, any of the 400,000 Shopify owners can accept Dash just by enabling it in Settings. Super easy! Not only we would be able to reach all those store owners but all their customers too could potentially be introduced to Dash. Shopify also has a very modern feel on both front and back end, I think Dash will fit right in.

How it would work for customers and store owners

Here's how it works with Bitcoin today. We can just replace Bitcoin with Dash above and it should work exactly the same.

As a store owner:
  1. Create a Bitcoin wallet address with any wallet, to receive payments
  2. Enable Bitcoin as a payment method in my Shopify's store settings
  3. Done! The payment method will be shown to customers during checkout.

As a customer:
  1. Select Bitcoin radio button from the checkout page
  2. Pay the equivalent amount of Bitcoin in the store's currency (USD, CAD, EUR, AUD etc)
  3. Done!

The full API is listed here:


Hosted Payment SDK

How it works

Getting started

Developing your hosted payment gateway integration

Adding your payment gateway to your partners account

So after the plugin is created, we need to get some shopify stores to start using it. I have a shopify store and I'll be willing to use it right away.

Publishing your gateway

After the gateway is created and used privately by a few shops, we can make ask Shopify to make it public to all shops. From their website:

"At first, you can make your gateway available privately to shops. Once there are at least fifty Shopify stores using your gateway that have processed at least one million USD in total, or equivalent, you can request that Shopify list your gateway publicly for all shops in your supported countries."

API Reference (Hosted Payment SDK)



Steps to get it done:

  1. We create Dash Gateway Plugin for Shopify based on the documentation provided (scroll down).
  2. We get 50 Shopify stores to use the plugin and process at least 1 million USD in transactions
  3. We ask shopify to list our plugin publicly to all stores.

#1 should be easy, #2 can be achieved quickly through incentives, and #3 is a consequence of a successful project.

It's basically up to us to create the integration.

To move this forward:

- We got someone at Shopify to talk to: I have the contact for someone on the Global Commercial Payment's Team at Shopify (Thanks Dustin!).
- We got an excellent Shopify developer: I know someone that has legendary Shopify skills, he's very active at Shopify's forums, been developing for Shopify since 2010 and knows their API in and out. (Thinking of you, Dave)

I would need a good Dash Developer (I don't know any) and someone from the business team to talk to, because Shopify might need to be persuaded to publish the Dash Gateway.

Let me know what you guys think.


Shopify's current integration allows store owners to sell products for BTC directly (A) or in BTC and get paid in fiat (B). In this proposal I'm considering (A) only. If we want to do (B) we would require another partnership with a company like Bitpay.


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Mar 6, 2016
Great idea and excellent initial progress. If this turns into a full proposal - then I will support.


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Mar 11, 2017
Actually that is really awesome. Shopify is a huge platform. Bitcoin is struggling right now so I suppose Dash can be a nice option for people to pay in crypto and worry about confirmation times. If you will be able to discuss this with somebody who is responsible for such things in Shopify, it will be absolutely amazing.


Mar 5, 2017
I have no doubt a proposal like this would be funded if you have the resources to make it happen.


Okay guys so I have some updates on this. I had a long chat with someone from Shopify, here are some points.

  • they're not adding any new forms of payment, period. You can read it on the top of their documentation "Access to the Hosted Payment SDK is closed. We are no longer accepting new integrations.".
  • I had little leverage as I'm not part of the Dash team so I couldn't get a precise reason why.
  • I got the feeling of --what's it in for us and our (Shopify) customers?--. It's a fact that there aren't a lot of people using Dash. I have a Shopify store and although I've had Bitcoin enabled for months, I never received a single payment in BTC, so I imagine even fewer payments with Dash.
  • because Dash can be private, I assume they will have some compliance issues.
  • Shopify already accepts cryptos via BitPay and Coinbase
So how can we move forward? What we need to do is go after their EXISTING cryptocurrency partners gateways, BITPAY and COINBASE, and ask them to add Dash. Shopify is very unlikely to add a direct crypto just by itself, just imagine the design constraints and problems when listing we accept these 20 cryptos. Now I don't know anyone at those companies. Is there a project to get BitPay and Coinbase to join the Dash community?

Nitya Sattva

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Nov 21, 2016
Last I heard this still stand: "50 Shopify stores and process at least 1 million USD in transactions."

The only difference is they no longer provide you with the easy integration setup to get things started. Aka you are required to build and prove this outside of there network. (especially for crypto sins every dog that made an alt coin or has some smart contract idea is hustling them)

Edit: That said I feel a project like this can not be Dash exclusive, you will have to be able to offer something above the BitPay / Coinbase offering they already have. (and multiple coin support is on the roadmap there)
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Mar 17, 2017
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How much with you be asking for?

If the price is reasonable, you have my vote.


How much with you be asking for?
If the price is reasonable, you have my vote.
I don't have any connections on Bitpay and Coinbase and I think going after these integrations will be out of my league. Once those accept Dash, I can definitely reach out to Shopify to get Dash added


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Mar 22, 2017
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Proposal Evaluation Committee


Just want to find out if you are planning to submit your proposal officially, i.e. Pay the 5 Dash to submit it?
If so, do you agree to the PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee) assisting you in preparing your Pre-Proposal?

The way we do it is to give a Report on your Proposal highlighting areas that you can improve.
As you improve the Proposal the Report is adjusted and this may be done a number of times (up to 5 or more), each time the chance of your Proposal being accepted by the MNO’s will increase.

The Report also has another function:
To give the Pre-Proposal a percentage mark. This percentage will make it possible to give the MNO’s and community a prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. This list will save everyone time and increase the chance of your Proposal gaining votes.

However, please be aware that the PEC has not officially been accepted by the MNO’s. We are also in the Pre-Proposal phase, so you have no obligation to partake.
If you want to know who will be doing the Evaluations – see here: Official PEC Pre-P https://goo.gl/qrbeXK

If you do want to use our services (note this is a free service)
1. Please PM me on the Dash Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions Forum indicating agreement.
2. and if you have not done this yet, please read: How to submit a Dash Pre-Proposal https://goo.gl/7jmwXQ
3. Once you have read it you might want to adjust your Pre-Proposal before we submit the 1st Report, so I will wait for you to give us the go-ahead before we start the evaluation process.

If you don’t want the PEC to evaluate the Proposal – please PM me as well, then I won’t bug you again for an answer ;)

Good luck with your Proposal!


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Mar 8, 2018
I'm Shopify Payment Partner and I can create Dash gateway for Shopify.
Are You interested in such gateway now?


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May 29, 2017
In regards to @feedbands ' comment, it would be nice to see some data on how widespread the use of GoCoin is across the shopify platform before you go through all the work of developing this project, but being able to do both (A) and (B) directly from Shopify without needing special plugins--again, depending on how widely GoCoin is used--could be a *great* value for Dash and would be an easy "yes" vote. A lot of my favorite merchants have online shops using services like these, and Dash integration for all of them would be amazing.


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Mar 8, 2018
I can add discounts on selecting dash gateway.
Also I can integrate coingate gateway with 50 altcoins.
Possible there are another suggestions?
Feb 23, 2018
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It seems an excellent option to promote the circulation of DASH. The number of businesses is significant. I think it will be a good initiative.